A Short Guide to IT in EVE Online

A Short Guide to IT in EVE Online 1920 1080 BearThatCares

EVE Online is a complicated game- and running a corporation is even more complicated. The art of herding cats is something that’s time intensive, frustrating, and logistically difficult. That is why every corporation needs some form of IT.

In this article, I’m going to go over some of the common website, authentication, and third party tools that corporations use in EVE Online. We’re going to talk about what your small group will need to save tons of time, and how to scale it up to a large organization.

About Me

I’ve been running IT services for EVE Online for around 6 years, during that time I’ve helped set up and manage solutions for top alliances like Triumvirate (TRI) and Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE). I am also one of the top private hosts for EVE Online services, providing tools like Pathfinder and SEAT for a monthly ISK cost.

Our group (Krypted Gaming) supplies some of the most used docker images for EVE Online for tools like Pathfinder and our own authentication software, and we’ve deployed dozens of websites for small groups across New Eden.

In other words, if you need IT- I’m your guy.

Things to Consider

During the entirety of this article, there should be a few things that you’re considering as we go through hosting options, software options, and how to expand your tools.


This is a video game, and it’s a hobby. Hosting and software services are something that cost money, unless you’re doing it all in house.

We’ll talk about options for all types of groups- including people who just want to focus on spending ISK.

Group Size

Your group size is going to determine your software choices, technical requirements, and whether or not you’re going to need a small team to manage your tools.


Most groups don’t need more than a simple tool to track characters, fleets, and doctrines. Don’t over complicate things- replicating Pandemic Horde’s software suite isn’t going to make you as successful as Pandemic Horde.

Choosing a Host

Before you get your software set up, you’re going to need two things:

  • A Domain
  • A Server

Listen up, because this is something I see groups waste hundreds of dollars a year on.

Domain Provider

Regardless of whether or not you have your own server, you’re going to need a domain. Your choice of domain provider doesn’t matter, but typically you’ll see people run groups who have the best support.

Don’t make your domain complicated- and keep it simple. my-corporation.space is a great domain name, and it gets the point across.


Servers are going to be what you spend the most money on, and what most people waste the most money on.

If you’re a small group, you need a virtual private server. Don’t pay some overpriced hosting service like DigitalOcean, stick with budget providers like OVH and Hetzner.

If you’re a large group, you might need a dedicated server. But seriously, you don’t need to shell out $300 per month for your 1000 man alliance. Budget providers like Kimsufi and Hetzner are more than optimal- we’re hosting services for 20+ groups on a dedicated server from Hetzner.

For those who want to host on their own hardware but have no idea what you’re doing, check out my installation services. If you don’t want to pay actual money for a server, your best option is going with a private host on the EVE Online forums for ISK. Shameless plug.

Choosing your Services

Static Websites

A static website is a simple website with information about your corporation, typically used for recruitment. Here’s an example. You need a static website. It is a major boost to your recruitment, and a great looking website will help you stand out to prospective members and other groups.

Blogs are great for extremely active groups that want to build a public image. Posting your AARs, group updates, and guides there is a great way to build eminence and stand out in New Eden.

Authentication Tools

These tools help reduce the burden of onboarding, corporation security, and securing your information (doctrines, fleets, etc). They typically offer a way to audit characters (helps with spies, recruitment, directing your corporation), manage your corporation through plugins like doctrines, fittings, etc, and guard your services like Discord by ensuring only corporation members have access.

Choosing the right one can be a little bit tricky, since there are a few on the market.

  • SEAT. The most common tool for corporations and PHP-based alliances, it has a ton of plugins and a very active developer community behind it.
  • Allianceauth. The most common tool for alliances overall who just want to manage access to their services.
  • Krypted. Barebones Python-based SEAT alternative for people with Python developers in their group who want to build up their own authentication tool.

If you’re a small corporation looking to start saving time for your back-end operations, get a SEAT instance going. It will help you manage your group and keep operations smooth.

Mapping Tools

This one is for the wormhole corporations out there. The public tripwire isn’t too bad, but if you’re sticking with Pathfinder- you’re going to want a privately hosted instance. The difference is night and day.

Random Tips

Funding IT

If you’re paying real money, it can get pretty taxing fairly quickly depending on your financial situation. The best ways to help cut the costs are,

  • Setting up a Patreon. A lot of groups ignore this, it’s a lifesaver for some.
  • Referral links. Have members buy PLEX from sites like GMG and Markeedragon.
  • Merchandise. Set up some high quality shirts and mugs on Teespring.

Custom Services

If you’re building custom services- keep it simple in a commonly used language, with commonly used frameworks. If you’re using LDAP to manage your authentication groups for your casual online spaceship group, you’re creating an unmaintainable piece of garbage that just annoys the next IT in line.

Final Words

Websites and tools isn’t something that’s going to make your group great, but it’s going to save time managing it and help take your group to the next level. It should not be overlooked.

For hosting, installation, and consulting for EVE services, hit me up.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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