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For most PvP groups, fits are commonly changing. For a new or off-meta fit, you’re probably going to have 5-6 revisions before you get it in a solid place. This can be confusing for fit storage, keeping your fits up to date in multiple locations, and determining how important that fit change really is.

In this article, we’re going to talk about fit versioning, something we use in Krypted Gaming to maintain our fits, and communicate to members how out of date their fit really is.

The Schema

Since we’re nerds, and it’s simple, we just follow standard software versioning: {major}.{minor}.{patch}. Examples of this are v1.0.0, or v2.0.1.

The Meaning

  1. Major version updates, e.g 1.x.x >> 2.x.x. These are breaking changes- maybe a patch came out and we had to rework our fit. Don’t undock with an old version.
  2. Minor version changes, e.g 1.1.1 >> 1.2.0. These are structural changes that you’ll likely need to haul in for, and should plan for it as soon as possible. Maybe switching a mid slot. Minor revisions are compatible with each other, but you should update.
  3. Patches, e.g 1.x.0 >> 1.x.1. Some Pyfa dummy forgot ammo in the cargo hold or something, you’ll likely fix it yourself but it’s an important update for seeders/etc.

It’s the small things that matter. Keeping fits clean and constantly revisiting them is how you stay on top of your game!



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