EVE Online buffs Alpha clones!


Can’t quite push yourself to subscribe every month to EVE Online? CCP hears you, and will be pushing out a major buff to alpha clone players in December.

If you have no clue what an alpha clone is, it’s EVE Online’s version of free-to-play, where they allow characters to train up to a certain threshold of skills.

By the end of this year, alpha clones will be able to:

  • Use T2 small/medium weapons.
  • Utilize faction ships.
  • Fill up nullsec fleets! Alphas will be able to pilot battlecruisers and battleships.

While this sounds awesome, a subscription or injection is still required to pass the 5 million skill point cap, however, once your omega status falls off, you will retain your alpha skills. This is a great option for returning players, or people who want to purely focus on subcap PvP.

What does this mean?

The most important outcome from all this: there will be more pilots to pewpew with. Previously, alpha clones weren’t too rewarding, it was more like an infinite trial. These changes will open up new opportunities for alpha clones, and let them perform new roles in sov warfare.

Some people have concerns about a non-subscribed player being able to pilot a doctrine battleship, but at the end of the day, it means more bodies in space. Which is exactly what New Eden needs. More ratters to kill, more fights to have.

I expect to see a lot more Ferox fleets, Krypted will be upgrading our cruiser fleets!

Looking to get into EVE Online?

This year sounds like the perfect time for you! Go sign up on the EVE Online website, and start training up those skills, and while you’re at it, check out some of the newbie alliances! Not getting involved in some of these wonderful communities (or any community) is one of the most common reasons I see new players quit the game.

And if you’re looking to push yourself a little bit further, feel free to check us out!

CEO of the Krypted Gaming’s EVE online corporation. You’ll typically find me taking out gangs through lowsec and wormholes, looking for fun fights. My favorite ship is anything TI. I like insurance.

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