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Latest news

  • World of Warcraft

    Farewell Azeroth

    Farewell 9 months ago, we joined the world of murlocs and raid bosses to have some fun, laughs, and meet some awesome new people. It’s today that we sadly announce the end of our Azeroth adventure, and move onto greener…

  • Community

    Wrapping up 2018

    Hi guys! It’s been a little bit since our last article, but we’ve been hard at work in the background migrating servers, doing some Christmas community cleaning, and sending out Christmas ornaments! In this post, I would like to cover…

  • Community

    Krypted Update #14

    Krypted updates are blog posts about the past quarter in Krypted Gaming. They are largely statistics based, providing information from our multiple surveys, or our in-game statistics. Furthermore, they lay out our plans moving forward. Welcome back! These past few…

  • EVE Online

    Roaming in Black Rise

    Black Rise is one of the most intense regions in the game and has held its place in my heart for nearly 4 years straight. There are hundreds of active players constantly looking for fights, and the general culture of the…

  • EVE Online

    Introduction to EVE Online

    EVE Online is one of the most well-known games in the MMO genre, mostly due to the intense battles and other stories. Something that many people don’t understand is that EVE Online is a game of people, their interactions, and their…

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