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Community Update #16 1920 1080 Bear

Community Update #16

Happy April! Hopefully you got a good chunk of April’s Fools jokes yesterday, there were some pretty good ones out there. March was a fairly…

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April 2018 Release Notes 1920 1080 Bear

April 2018 Release Notes

This April we will be upgrading to version 3.4 for Krypted Authentication, with numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Fixes Emojis in Discord names no longer…

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A Wormhole Adventure 900 563 BearThatCares

A Wormhole Adventure

It was a dark Thursday night when our glorious prober, Naezek Gorthaor, found a C1 Raitaru in final reinforcement timer. The rain poured (dramatic, right?)…

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15 Exploration Tips & Tricks 900 563 Naezek Gorthaor

15 Exploration Tips & Tricks

Many of us have done our fair share of scanning, hunting, and exploring in EVE Online. Due to this, we have a ton of tricks…

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Mapping Wormholes 689 596 Bear

Mapping Wormholes

Mapping wormholes is the most important part of wormhole exploration; we have to know our local area. The constellation around us is changing every day,…

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Wormhole Assets 1280 720 Bear

Wormhole Assets

In wormhole space, there is no asset safety. Let that sink in for a little bit. Everything you stock in your hangar- all of those…

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Community Update #15 1920 1080 Bear

Community Update #15

Hey you, welcome back! This month has been pretty busy for me (on the real life front), so I don’t have a ton of time…

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Wormholes 900 563 BearThatCares


Wormholes are cosmic signatures in EVE Online that connect two systems of space. These can be used for transporting fleets, logistics, and exploring the universe.…

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Exploration 1920 1080 Bear


Exploration is the act of scanning signatures, visiting anomalies, and venturing into the unknowns of New Eden. It is also the best area for a new player…

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Flying Logistics 1600 1200 BearThatCares

Flying Logistics

Logistics is an overloaded term in EVE Online, and actually has two meanings: healing other players, and moving assets. Interestingly enough, these are the two…

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Fleets 1920 1200 BearThatCares


Fleets are the mechanic of EVE Online that enable players to group up with each other. It expands possibilities in masses, up to 256 players a fleet.…

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Migrating User Profiles 1024 576 BearThatCares

Migrating User Profiles

If you’re playing EVE Online, you’ve probably more than one account. Hell, the average in my corporation is around 5-10 accounts, one guy even has…

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Electricity 1920 1080 Durrr


With great power comes great responsibility or emm.. Electricity! In Krypted Gaming, we utilize the powerful tool of electricy to enhance our gameplay and tactics.…

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Basic Circuits 1202 677 Durrr

Basic Circuits

Circuits in rust are a combination of Electrical Components combined together to manipulate power Below are a couple simple circuits I made used to gather…

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Shortcuts 1024 576 BearThatCares


Shortcuts, also referenced to as shortcuts and hotkeys, are the most important mechanic of any video game. They allow you to customize your your game…

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Near 2.0 1024 576 BearThatCares

Near 2.0

Near 2.0 is a tactical intelligence organizer, or, more simply put, something that reads intel channels and displays it on a radar. It’s one of the…

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A Bite of the Blue Donut 1920 1200 BearThatCares

A Bite of the Blue Donut

The purpose of this article is to give a little insight on the blue doughnut, and some of the interesting anomalies that have been occurring…

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Application Process 1920 1080 Bear

Application Process

This page will walk you through applying to Krypted Gaming. Preface Do your Research Before you apply, make sure you research our community, as well…

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Discord Etiquette 1280 720 Krypted Gaming

Discord Etiquette

Before this, make sure you read our Discord guide. In our guide to Discord, we set the stage for setting up your Discord settings to…

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Discord Guide 1200 630 Krypted Gaming

Discord Guide

Discord is the heart of Krypted Gaming, and our primary tool for communication. From voice to talking to each other while sitting on the toilet,…

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