Understanding the EVE Online UI


Getting used to the EVE Online UI is very important for any capsuleer, because if you don’t know where to click, you’re already behind on the learning curve. We have gone through the trouble of compiling some very important actions in EVE Online that you will use every day, and put them in a GIF library below. Enjoy!


Cleaning up your icon bar

1. Remove all the icons
2. Add the item hangar
3. Add people and places
4. Add corporation tab

Use the same process to add,
Mail, Fitting, Regional Market, Ship Tree, Personal Assets, and Wallet. And whatever else you want!

Basic UI

1. Checking your mail
2. Joining a chat channel
3. Opening the market & finding an item
4. Setting a destination


1. Locate corporation bulletins
2. Reload MOTD


1. Open fleet finder
2. Broadcast for shield
3. Warp to fleet member
4. Join a fleet in fleet finder


1. Change safety setting
2. Change to tactical camera
3. Open up directional scanner
4. Hide passive modules


1. Change orbit distance
2. Look at object using hotkey (Hold C and click on an overview item)

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