15 Exploration Tips & Tricks

15 Exploration Tips & Tricks 900 563 Naezek Gorthaor

Many of us have done our fair share of scanning, hunting, and exploring in EVE Online. Due to this, we have a ton of tricks up our sleeves. Today I’m going to share with you some of my exploration tactics!

  1. Always have 16 probes with you, 8 in the launcher and 8 in the cargo. When launching probes, your launcher starts reloading for the next time.
  2. Always MWD+cloak after dropping your probes, you can’t cloak on the same spot you dropped probes at. [OUTDATED, OLD MECHANIC]
  3. Make notes on what % scanned you can put your probe width at, for me at 20% I can drop probes down to 2AU width.
  4. When you probe a signature and there are two locations and a line between, it’s always the furthest one.
  5. Keybind your dscan to something useful, like mouse button 3. When hacking, you can easily dscan for danger.
  6. When hacking, there’s two preferences. Orbit at 2000km, or keep at range at 2000km. While standing still, it’s easier to flee. If orbiting, it’s harder to get bumped.
  7. When hunting in a wormhole, if you see someone on dscan, you need to be stealthy in deploying probes. Warp off of 14.3 AU range and then drop your probes. Come back and pinpoint them at 5° with a certain distance, and then probe them. One scan is all you normally get, sometimes two.
  8. If you find an explorer, warp 100km from the site, bookmark, warp off in the other direction. When you come back at 100km (from your bookmark), you’ll be 200km away and able to warp to nearby objects.
  9. When warping down to a target, decloak early to get your targeting delay ticking.
  10. If a target is standing still, warp 20km away and prepare to bump him. For me, an Astero MWD cycle will get me 20km.
  11. On a basic Astero fit, everyone has reps. If 1v1, defang him from his 15 drones if you are in an equal match.
  12. Astero can kill a Sabre easily, be careful of wormhole bonuses.
  13. Stay away from Ghost sites unless you’re prepared to lose your ship.
  14. C1/C2/C3 wormholes are the only ones that spawn nullsec relic sites (the ones you want)

Good luck!

Naezek Gorthaor

Naezek Gorthaor

Naezek is a crazy Finnish explorer, and a long-time veteran of Krypted Gaming. You'll find him drinking and hunting targets in EU timezone.

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