Using the Industry Panel



In this guide I will be talking about how to use the industry panel in the online game of EVE Online.



1. Input Display

This part of the window is whats required to build an item, from tech 1 to capitals. Required materials are based on the blueprint material level the facility bonuses. Bonuses can vary if a 0.0  station has been upgraded, and a rigged engineering complex. In the past skills were a factor but now skills do not affect the amount of materials used in production.

Hovering over the circles with the mouse pointer will display more information, more importantly the material reduction from the facility specified.  Any facility in range can be selected which will simulate the build costs.

2. Output

Output is where you select the source of your materials and where to send them when they are ready. For organisational purposes I keep my raw materials in a station container, including T1 ships when building their T2 versions. A list of containers will drop down allowing you to select which one to use.


Some tech 1 items can have more than 1 tech 2 variation. Caldari frigate Condor can be invented into 2 types of interceptors, Crow and Raptor. The below screenshot shows how to select the item you want to invent.

As with other parts of the industry window, hovering over a value will popup a box displaying skills and facility bonuses affecting it. Below is a screenshot is of the job duration, the same can be done for the cost of the job. A more popular the system is, more expensive it will be to produce in. The tax rate set by the corporation who owns the structure.


3. Facility

The facility is set to where the blueprint is stored. Another facility can be selected to simulate the build requirements. With the introduction on engineering complexes they can be rigged to be specialised into building a type of item. If these facilities have been upgraded then a + will be on the industry symbol. Hovering over this will popup a box which will show what bonuses are given. Hopefully CCP will improve this to have the ability to set a filter. Currently you need to go through each entry to see what bonuses Engineering Complexes have.


4. Blueprint Selection

There are a few ways to select a blueprint. The first is to have the blueprint in your inventory. Right click it and select “Use Blueprint” which will bring up the industry panel. Another is to drag the blueprint from your inventory in the the centre of the already opened industry panel.

A third method as shown in the above screenshot is to use the industry panel. Simply use the filters to select the blueprint. Identical jobs can be installed with the up and down arrows on the keyboard and pressing the start button. This makes it a quick process to start a batch of 10 invention or building jobs.

A fourth option is where you don’t have the blueprint and want to simulate it. Either you find the blueprint by the market window or by showing info on an item and dragging the blueprint from the industry tab. The Material reduction and time efficiency can be altered by the up and down arrows or hovering over with the mouse and using the scroll wheel.


Exporting Data



A useful feature of the industry panel is that the required materials data can be exported to a spreadsheet. This can be used to keep a track on an upcoming build queue with multiple items or comparing the data to third party calculation tools such as eve isk per hour or as these may not be 100% accurate.



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