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This guide will be using the Eve Online tool, ISK Per Hour, to calculate industry profits before we put the blueprints in the oven. We will be focusing on how to update pricing and calculating build costs of T2 items, and will cover other features (i.e invention) in future write ups.

Most items can be made by players, but not all are profitable. While the reasons on why can be complicated it is generally accepted that all items used in production of an item have a value. Keep in mind you need to account for the costs of materials. I use Jita sell price as the value. The reason is the raw materials can be sold for that price. All minerals that I mine or acquire cost money and are not “free”.

With the introduction of citadels it has become a bit more complex as these structures can be customised to use less materials towards certain items depending on their rigs installed making them cheaper to make. In null sec, outposts and citadels have a bigger bonus than in high or low sec. My current building location in 0.0 has a flat 5% reduction on all material consumption for all items. While this all sounds complicated the tool makes this simple to work out.


Once the program has been downloaded and installed the first step is to import the current market data. This is how I have it setup and you may want to use different settings.



  1. Select Jita as the market hub.
  2. Set Raw Materials & Manufactured Items to “Min Sell”, if you’re going to set up buy order then set the Raw Materials to “Buy Max”.
  3. Press “Save Settings“ so when you close the programme you don’t need to reset the market settings.
  4. Press “Download Prices”,this can take sometime to complete.

Calculating Required Materials

Once downloaded we can start to plan a build queue. For this example i’m going to use the Tech 2 frigate the “Claw” which is an interceptor.



  1. In this screenshot I have selected the “Claw” item by typing it in the search bar.
  2. Select the amount of items you want to make and select the amount of manufacturing lines you can use, a character can use 10, or 11 with max skills. You may not have 10 Claw BPC’s but if you’re going to make the tech 2 components (which you should be) then it will use that value to calculate those into the build queue.



  1. This box this is where you input your facility settings to calculate its material reduction. As we are making tech 2 components we need to set that also. If doing tech 1 the this can be skipped. We need to change the facility type to outpost to enable custom settings in the ME / TE and Tax fields. Select a null sec region and find a facility to enable manual entry.
  1.  Do the same as step 1 for the base T1 item. Pressing save will apply the station settings to all other blueprints. 
  1. Select the decryptor if used.

Once I have setup the facility and blueprint settings to get an accurate calculation, I then export the data into google spreadsheets as I find it’s much easier to work from. I often build multiple items at a time and a spreadsheet makes it much easier to reference. 

Exporting Data To Spreadsheet




With the “simple copy” enabled “copy to clipboard” components into a spreadsheet and same again with the raw materials. The data copied includes decrypters, datacores and minerals which I don’t buy at this stage. Typically I would have already invented these days or weeks previously, so I make a new list just by copying the cells with the items I do want to buy. Basic minerals I buy locally or mine and not imported from Jita, with the exception of Morphite so I also exclude these from the shopping list. These lists can also be imported in game and to which is very useful.


That is basically it, when building tech 2 components I often mark them off by changing the text colour. With the Claw example its not necessary, but when making 5+ items it can be useful to know what is yet to be built.


Importing Shopping List To EVE Online

To use the exported data as a shopping list you just need to copy the cells. Even just a typed out list in notepad and paste it in game shown in the above screenshot.


Calculating Profits

The information in the above screenshot is very useful. SVR is the demand of an item in the selected market hub, Higher the better.  It’s easy to see there is profit to be made on an item. When building items for the local 0.0 market I sell ships as completely fitted through contracts, with a higher markup.

That’s about it for this guide, best of luck, keep profiting!

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