Capital Production – Interview


Hello and welcome to the first of a new series on Krypted, the Advanced Career Interviews. In these, Krypted catches up with different players participating in more advanced and unusual careers – such as capital manufacturing, incursion FCing, diplomacy and military coordination – in order to shed some light on these activities and give new players an idea of what they might be aiming for. This week we will be chatting with an expert in capital production.


We start off this series by talking to Fubo Libs, a stalwart of the SLYCE Slack trade channel and a long-time industrialist.


So, I was wondering – how did you get into capital manufacturing? Isn’t it quite resource intensive?

It’s a long-winded process. But I started playing Eve in 2014.  I ended up with a couple of my own characters and one character from a friend/old acquaintance who no longer plays. That character was all mining.  So, I used mining initially for ISK. My other character, Fubo, was used for low sec/combat. I would literally mine in high sec with 3 chars while joining fleet/alliance with Fubo on the other screen.  That went on for months. After a while it got repetitive so I started to look around for other way to make ISK.  Tried ratting, didn’t like it. Tried missioning, didn’t like it.  Finally settled down in station trading in Amarr.


So that’s between 2014-2015.  In late 2014 after 7 months of ice mining in high sec i bought a character, milandinia. Then I moved from Honorable Third party Alliance to Dead Terrorists at the same time. While I was in DT that’s when I did mostly station trading in one account. Anyways, long story short, I met a player in DT whose name was Tritanium Amaranth.   Prior to DT breaking up, he went to TRI with some other dudes. Then DT broke up and he and I both ended up in Shadow Cartel. At that point I already had sizeable ISK from station trading so I was looking at manufacturing as it was an area that I haven’t explored.


Did you start small, or jump right into the top end?

So in one convo and I don’t remember the context, Trit mentioned that he was doing capital production and “hinted” I should look into it, since it’s all T1 related. So, he gave a few pointers as to “use a pos” “refine in the pos so you don’t have to move” “get thukker bonus”. And being in Shadow Cartel means the surrounded low sec systems are practically “safe” to put up some assets and while capital building in POS sounds risky, people mostly leave it alone. So I started fairly small, with 1-2 characters with capital building slots about 10 each.


I suppose your operations have expanded a bit since then?                                                                                        

Yeah slowly. Started with a couple of existing characters, using alliance JF resources to move compressed ore and then moving it with haulers. Build 1 cap at a time, originally only Archons. Ten I bought BPCs for other carrier, and built those. Each time I build a cap I create a new spreadsheet, with the spread sheet that lists out the exact minerals I need for a particular build (i.e. low sec pos, low sec citadel later on, now nullsec). I know the minerals that I need for the BPO researched level, and then from there extract the compressed ores.


So anyways, after a while it was becoming more of a hassle to use alliance JF services. I winded down the station trading side and then just bought a JF. So that was about late 2015 to 2016. So at the same time, I started to create more chars to train for capital production, which surprisingly isn’t hard to train. Basically about the same time you would train for a mining barge toon. So original 20 lines became 30, then 40. Then World War Bee happened, and all low sec groups blued each other and moved north.  We were staged in Aurohunen.


So was that a business opportunity?

Yes, also to supply the alliance for caps. So put up a build tower in the same system, started building more caps, this time more focused on dreads. It wasn’t an alliance order, it was mainly “let’s see how I can meet the demand” type of thing.


Did you ever come under attack doing that? Surely Goons wouldn’t really like that?

They didn’t but there was nothing they can do at the time. Anyway, I was still a tiny builder compared to the rest.


What happened after that?

So two things happened after WWB – people buy dreads with SRP so they just buy it whatever the current market price is [and] Shadow Cartel took a few sovs up north as part of the war. Trit learned how to do super capital production, etc, so he moved his alt corp to null with a PL dude in horde space. And I started building more caps for the alliance directly.


The one thing i really learned about how to build large scale cap production was in January of 2017 when before it was announced to the rest of the alliance, the alliance leader at the time, Paquito, told me and Trit (but basically me since Trit was already out of low sec) to build 25+ capitals and asked “how soon can you do it?” So, the 25 caps were built in about 3.5 weeks, and with enough BPCs at 40 eahch could have been built in 2.5 weeks. Think it was 15 naglfars, 5 minows and 5 niddies.


So from there, I guess you’ve just expanded onwards and upwards?

Yeah pretty much. Mainly i just build a few caps here and there, sell them for my own isk consumption.


So do you sell within SLYCE/GOTG only, or is it just generally?

I built a few dreads but mainly on rorquals and those just sell within the alliance. Well, not 100% but I try to sell within alliance/gotg first.


So do you pay all your character accounts in ISK?

I have 6 accounts, I think 4 are subbed – 2 are paid with ISK.


Any closing comments or thoughts?

One thing about industry is that you can really have an effect on the game in a large way.  Someone was commenting how fast Horde grew and how many capitals they fielded. That’s basically down to capital industry moguls, who can build things really fast. It’s quite impressive.

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