A Wormhole Adventure

A Wormhole Adventure 900 563 BearThatCares

It was a dark Thursday night when our glorious prober, Naezek Gorthaor, found a C1 Raitaru in final reinforcement timer. The rain poured (dramatic, right?) as we stalked the system, placed scanners, and awaited until Saturday morning.

The Morning Of

The sun rose, and we formed up around 20 armor cruisers. As Redart was watching the hole, we saw that Inner Hell were the eviction party, with a small gang of mixed groups. Luckily, the wormhole had an exit several jumps from our staging in Fade.

As we entered the system, we saw their gang forming up on the entrance and decided to contest them. When we landed, most of them ran away, and a handful jumped. The entrance was critically disrupted, so we decided to YOLO what we could, why not?

The hole closed, and we managed to get a Retribution, Ares, and two Augorors through. Our glorious warriors sat on the Raitaru, when a Talos and Stratios landed.

The Fight Begins

If you’ve ever tried to kill two cruisers with a single supported retribution, you’ll know that it probably takes a while.

The fight was going well as we brawled for several minutes, attempting to burn down the Talos. Our Ares, Garion Bel, had no guns, so mostly sat there looking pretty with a web on the Talos.

We were holding, just barely, with our logistics. But then the Raitaru woke up and placed his heavy neutralizers on my Augoror.


As the neutralizers made it harder and harder for me to dual box my pair of Augorors, we slowly started to chip down. Fariius hit hull for a few moments in his Retribution, with his ADC spent.

It was clear that we needed to do something… luckily I’m a skilled local diplomat.

We spinned our objective to saving the Raitaru, and he started targeting the Stratios.


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

We decided to have a little bit of fun, and see how far we could take our newfound friend. Could we get him to scan us out?

He did!

Sadly, the wormhole led to Perrigen Falls, several regions away from where we needed to be. We decided to head back into the wormhole and eject our ships on his Raitaru, as tribute for his kindness.

This is Pretty Fun

We decided to have a little bit more fun in wormholes that day, and spent around two hours trying to hunt and bait a Tengu and Stratios. Since I’ve been doing nullsec campaigns for the past two years, I never expected how rewarding it was to work so hard for two kills.


We’ve been spending a lot more time roaming in wormholes, and it’s extremely refreshing being able to fight without ridiculous escalations. If you’re looking for a haven from the nullsec meta, this is definitely the spot.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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