EVE Online




EVE Online is a brutal, addicting space-based MMO, focused on providing a sandbox for building, flying, and destroying spaceships. It is one of the older MMOs on the market and appeals to an extremely niche market of gamers.


Krypted Gaming was born in EVE Online, and many of our players have been playing since the game has been released. Since many of our players have been playing for a while, we typically do activities all over the game, mixing different playstyles to have a little bit of fun. We are never really satisfied sitting in a single constellation doing the same thing over and over, so we like to branch out and take daytrips or deployments to other areas of the universe.

Some examples of our adventures are a fun wormhole eviction or our more recent deployment to Delve. Sometimes we get bored and decide to drop some carriers, and other times we can be seen shooting space rocks for fuel blocks. We treat this game like our little sandbox, and like to enjoy everything that it has to offer. The only thing we stick away from is the metagame and drama, because we find that it is toxic to the game.

This page will give you a taste of what it’s like to be in Krypted Gaming, and hopefully help you make your decision on joining our space adventures.

Small gang of carriers.

Small Gangs

Krypted Gaming is a small, tight-knit corporation. This means most of our content comes from small gangs of 2-15 pilots roaming. Anything is possible with us, whether it’s killing several billion with an interceptor and a battlecruiser, or dropping a small carrier fleet to have some fun and burn some ships.

We like to encourage our players to get together a few frigates, battlecruisers, or just a gang of specialized roles. Large-scale combat gets pretty tiresome, so it’s important to try out new things and fight against the odds.

Here is an example of the content we like to encourage.

Large fleet battle.

Coalition Warfare

A lot of players come to the game after hearing about epic battles with trillions of ISK lost. For many players, they’re pretty fun. For some veterans, they get pretty boring. Nevertheless, we’re in a large null-sec coalition, meaning that we have access to these large fleets.

Keep in mind, with access to these large fleets, comes requirements to defend your space. Krypted Gaming are not renters, meaning that we need to defend our space and help our allies when called for. We are in SLYCE, one of the top alliances in the game, and we’re very happy here.

Here is the quickest example I could find of one of our more recent fights, but honestly you should just check out the killboard.

Corporation mining operation.

Mining Operations

Although we are pretty bloodthirsty, sometimes it’s nice to wind down and shoot some space rocks. We have weekly moons that we need to shatter and mine, as well as a monthly fuel block quota that we need to reach by mining ice fields.

We also have plenty of industry-focused moguls that make billions a week on building capitals and other high-tech goodies. One of our members even has a T2 blueprint cache worth trillions!

Many of our Krypted Lite members have a heavy focus on mining and industry, and we welcome those type of players into our family. Make sure you’re in a Procurer, though. We like to use you as bait!

Application Process

Krypted Gaming is a selective group, and we’re primarily looking for active, social players. If you’re a lone wolf that likes to do their own thing, you won’t be a good fit here.

We focus more on the player behind the keyboard rather than the player made of pixels, so we don’t really judge players based on their skill points. If you’re a newer player, we expect that you’re extremely active and eager to learn, and have joined some new-player introductory group like EVE University, Pandemic Horde, or Karmafleet. If you’re a veteran, we expect to see some activity throughout your years of playing, as well as a few alternate characters to support our playstyle.

If you think that we’re a great fit for you, stop by our Discord. You can talk to any of our members or a recruiter, and we can answer your questions or get you started on the path of becoming a member of the Krypted family.