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Near 2.0 is a tactical intelligence organizer, or, more simply put, something that reads intel channels and displays it on a radar. It’s one of the most essential tools in the game, for both ratters and home defense fleet commanders.

In this short article, we’re going to install NEAR 2.0 with the most optimal settings.


To install Near 2.0, download it here. Personally, I like to store tools like this in an EVE>Tools folder that I created near my game folder.

Getting Started

Near 2.0 can be a little daunting at first, but we’ll go through this together.

  1. Open up Near 2.0. I recommend creating a shortcut, since it doesn’t create its own.
  2. Add a Listener name. I recommend manually adding them instead of Analyzing chat logs, to reduce clutter.
  3. Add a chat channel. Manually add your intel channel here, for example, GOTG Intel.

Luckily, the application walks you through the next steps.

  1. Set your working area. If you’re in Krypted, it should be null-sec.
  2. Travel mode is generally recommended so that you can avoid gatecamps or other fleets.
  3. Set your jump radius, I use 6, but if your local intel is very good, set it to lower.

We’ll deal with radar colors later.

Customization and Mastery

The out-of-the-box settings are OK for Near 2.0, but there wouldn’t be this article if we didn’t want to customize it a little bit. So let’s crack this baby open, go to your Near settings.

  1. Under Listeners, authorize your character via ESI.
  2. Under Audio, enable rat-specific messages and AFK ratting notifications.

Understanding Colors

Utilizing the color settings will help you master this tool. Generally, I recommend rendering the radar based on fleet size, but ship-type can also be very useful. This will change the color of the dots on the radar, meaning you’ll be able to learn more from a quick glimpse.

For example,

Fleet SizeColor
Small GangDark Blue
Medium GangsPurple
Large GangsDark Red

This will help you make decisions when ratting or on a home defense fleet. For example, solo and small gangs shouldn’t be as intimidating as medium and large gangs.

Advanced usage of these colors can be labeling a Sabre as Red if you’re running a mining fleet of Procurers or highlighting capitals a certain color.

These colors are found and can be customized in Radar > Theme Settings.

Advanced Intel

On the radar, you have the ability to click on a dot and learn more about the threat that has entered the system. Under the N.I.S window, you can customize these features to be extremely powerful.

By clicking on systems, you’ll be able to check and see if characters have recently used a cyno, or if they’re just roaming around.

You can also visualize their recent path so that you know if they’re coming towards you, so that you can set up a juicy gatecamp.


Don’t just install NEAR 2.0 and leave it alone, because it’s an extremely powerful tool that can be used just beyond ratting. For home defense FCs, there is probably no tool that can rival this for home intel.

Toy around with things, and learn the software. You’d be surprised how many times it can find you content, or keep you out of harms way.

Also, support the developers of NEAR! They’re doing great work. ISK and Money donation locations can be found in the ABOUT section of the application.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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