Our first week in Albion Online

Our first week in Albion Online

Our first week in Albion Online 1194 802 BearThatCares

Albion Online is the newest sandbox MMO, and a ton of fun! This week, Krypted Gaming decided to pull the trigger and have our members enter the world of Albion! We are a bit late on the Albion train, mainly because we took our time researching the game to ensure it would be a good choice for our community. There are a lot of similarities between Albion Online and EVE Online, which is perfect, because we’re an EVE Online community!

In our first week, we have:

  • Grown our Albion discord to 38 daily active members
  • Ventured into the Black Zone, and slaughtered around 30 innocent players
  • Built our guild island, and upgraded it all buildings to Tier 4.
  • Built a sweet guild authentication web application

And much more!

Getting Started

It was quite interesting to see Albion Online hype train roll through, after leadership grabbed the game, we ended up having 10 people pick up the game within 24 hours. Because players can start in completely different zones, we had a lot of trouble finding each other initially, until we found the boats! With this knowledge, we all met up in the Forest Cross harbor.

Finding each other at the Harbor
More Krypted Gaming members joining the journey

In two days time, our members had T4 armor, a thirst for blood, and enough game knowledge to get out of blue areas. We moved our operations out of Lymhurst, and set up our guild island in Caerleon! Then we posted our wonderful guide on islands!

Highway to the Dangerzone

With our Tier 4 gear, and our trusty mounts, it was time for our community to enter the Black Zone. Over the past few days, we spent time gathering and reaching the skills needed to gather resources and slay players in the lowest level black zone. Our guild island was upgraded to Tier 4, and we were ready with our bows, double-bladed quarterstaves, and hammers!

Krypted Gaming waiting for DMVI’s slow ass to catch up.
Traveling to our first Hell Gate!
A sweet, sweet kill
Our guild authentication web application

As of today (Aug. 11), we’ve killed over 30 (now 100+) players in the black zone, with more and more each day. We’re really enjoying the PvP in Albion Online, and growing our guild more and more each day.


It turns out that Albion Online is a wonderful game for the Krypted Gaming community. It allows us to get a breathe of fresh air from EVE Online, and relax and enjoy something new. I am looking forward to our future in the world of Albion!

If you’re a new player and looking for a group to play with, come chat in our Discord!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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