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Community Update #17

Community Update #17 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Hey you, welcome back!

This month has been pretty busy for me (on the real life front), so I don’t have a ton of time here today! However, we’ll go over some of the statistics and progress of the community, and talk about some of the things that we have been doing recently.

Let’s jump in!

New Articles

We’ve been publishing a lot of new articles recently, in hopes of teaching the players of the games we play, and raising our overall community quality.

Make sure you check them out, we have some for nearly every section!

EVE Online

This past month we’ve been kicking ass and taking names, holding stable at around 50 characters.

On the combat front, we killed 1723 ships totaling around 290.06 billion ISK (around $2900 if you convert it to PLEX). This was a 33% increase in ship kills from the past month, but it’s mostly skewed because of Burn Jita.

Jonas Brocker, Kim Inkunen, and Fariius crushed it this month, while Naezek Gorthaor did some serious work on the scanning front.

A lot of us have been getting exhausted from nullsec war campaigns, since we’ve been doing them for around two years nonstop. There’s been a lot of discussion about doing something different to mix things up and have fun, so maybe we will see a shift here shortly!


Rust has been doing some crazy good work, it’s been nice to see us do extremely well for two consecutive wipes. Our shift in focus has been going pretty well, we’ve been performing at a much higher level.

We’re seeing some burnout (which is natural for Rust), so we’re going to be aiming to bring in some new faces over the next month to help pump things up a bit, so our veterans can relax.

Overall, we have a great bunch of guys and girls and our staff team has been doing pretty wonderful. We may see some relaxation here since it’s a fairly busy time period for most people, but very happy with where we’re at!

Fort Krypted!


That’s all the time I have, going to go grab a beer with some buddies and blow some EVE Online ships up later!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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  • “There’s been a lot of discussion about doing something different to mix things up and have fun, so maybe we will see a shift here shortly!”

    Been watching your corp from afar. We’ve been in the same (Dead) coalition awhile back, parted ways. My corp to CO2 and then I “left” the game, but saw your corp leave for TRI.

    Hope you guys stick around and don’t leave EvE.
    Fly dangerous. Always.

    • Hey Fynn, thanks for the kind words brother.

      Congratulations on temporarily winning EVE 🙂

      Definitely not stepping away, we’ve been looking at wormholes a lot for content recently! There’s always a new adventure.

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