Community Update #9

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Community Update #9

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Hello everybody, and welcome back to another Krypted Update!

In this article we’ll chat about some of the things that our community has been doing, as well as some of the growth we’ve been having. Our EVE Online branch has exploded recently, with a ton of new faces, and Vyle is keeping the Albion branch chugging.

Let us begin!


We’ve seen an explosion of active members recently, mostly due to the summer being over, and people sitting in front of their computer screens once again! Voice chat has typically been around 10-15 members in prime time, and plenty of members are playing other games like Overwatch, PUBG, and League of Legends.

Fall is a pretty busy time for a lot of our members, so we’ve just been coasting along without any large goals behind us. In the Spring, when things lighten up, hopefully we’ll see things like tournaments popping up. Before Krypted Gaming was formed, FL eSports (our old group) used to run huge League of Legends tournaments. It’d be fun to get something like that rolling again!

We’ll see what people are feeling like after the holidays are over!

EVE Online

Our EVE Online branch saw around 20 new players joining us in October, and it’d been quite the journey getting everybody integrated and settled in. We’ve been really focusing on building up our own corporation system, throwing down infrastructure and gatecamping for home defense. Over the next few months, our primary focus is going to be training our pilots for PvP, and learning how to support ourselves through industry and production.

It really is a new era for Krypted Gaming, we’ve constantly seen large groups of our members chilling in voice throughout the day, saving eachother and working together towards a common goal. Instead of logging on and joining voice for a fleet, we’re logging on just to chat with eachother as we do our in-game activities. Albeit we’ve had some tensions and arguments on how to approach certain things, but that’s what will happen when you’re doing something difficult together.

Last month was our most successful month in Krypted Gaming by a large margin. October we killed 2245 ships, totally 698.54 billion isk destroyed. To put that in perspective, that’s a 47.3% increase from our record amount of kills. On average, we have 40 active players contributing to PvP combat, which is crazy!

Keep up the good work!

– Bear

Albion Online

In it’s third month, the Krypted Albion crew continues to grow and expand. With a solid member base of blood thirsty players our focus is now on honing our skills in individual and group combat. We’re becoming a staple in the Alliance ZvZ fights, with one of our members, Khornlamb raising to the rank of Alliance Shotcaller.

When we’re not too busy fighting for the Empire you can find many of us in small groups roaming the black zones looking for a fight. or fame farming our specializations up. In the months to come you’ll find us more and more in Red/Black Hellgates preparing our teams for GvG fights.

Krypted members who have been AFK a bit should come on back and see what’s going on. We’re rarely idle these days and there is plenty to do! If you’re not a Krypted member yet, now’s a great time to join! We’re new player friendly; happy to show you the ropes and help you catch up.

See if you can beat the record of 3 hours from first spawn to first PvP kill.

– Vyle


Now is a great time to come get involved in Krypted Gaming! We’re having a lot of team shifts, and really looking for people who want to contribute to our awesome community. If you’re interested in leading events or writing guides, shoot me a DM on Discord! See you next month!

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EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

All stories by : BearThatCares

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