Community Update #3

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Community Update #3

Community Update #3 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Hey there!

And welcome back to another update on our wonderful community! March has been an extremely eventful month for our corporation and community, and I’d like to share some of our awesome metrics, exciting updates, and what we’re planning on achieving during April.

In summary, this month was our most active month in combat in EVE Online, as well as our best month for website hits & and an awesome new website design.

Combat Metrics

In March, we’ve managed to maintain around 30-35 active PvP members throughout the month, with the exception of a steep drop in activity in the second week of March, due to a lot of vacations. We haven’t seen a ton of new fleet commanders, but our current group have been improving! Our FC approval rating is 4.21/5.00!

We managed to achieve 1153 kills this month, a whopping 30% increase from last motnh. We killed around 360 billion ISK, a 294% increase! To be fair, we got a titan kill.

This month we also achieved a massive milestone, 1 trillion ISK killed in total. We had an awesome celebration fleet, and brawled it out with 200 hordelings!

Community Metrics

As always, our members received a monthly survey to track our community progress. This was the first month that we were able to compare with a decent amount of previous months, and have a large enough sample size to actually present data based on our responses.

Member Metrics

Around 75% of our members are combat based, while 25% are industry based. Around 37.5% of our members are US based, while 37.5% are EU based, and 25% are somewhere in the middle. I’m not sure how we managed that! 79.2% of our members are online daily.

Identity Metrics

Around 79.2% of our members believe we are a community-based group, a 18.1% increase from last month. 75% of are members believe we are tight-knit, a 8.5% increase from last month. Around 33.3% of our members view us as a family, a 22.2% increase from the previous month. We’re getting there!

Fleet Metrics

Roughly 62.5% of our members are satisfied with the number of fleets, a 26.4% decrease from last month.

In terms of industry, 16.7% of our members are satisfied with our number of mining operations, a 5.5% decrease from the last month. Although these statistics are concerning, keep in mind a very small percentage of our corporation is industry based.

We are unsatisfied with these numbers, and will be working heavily to make sure we have plenty of content for our members.

Growth & Recruitment

In March, our leadership processed 15 applications to our community, and 66.7% of these members were accepted and integrated. 

Our community focuses on slow, steady growth, and these numbers are very satisfying for us.

We also implemented a new program, Newbits, focused on targeting new players in the community and teaching them the ropes to EVE Online. This is a ton of work, and we have very limited resources in this regard, meaning that this program is very small and invite-only.


We have a lot of exciting plans for April, which we will be unveiling in our community meeting tomorrow. Our goals for this month are to implement a long-lasting goal system, a new program to increase our capital presence, and to produce new content for our website.

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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