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Community Update #22

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Farewell July, month of freedom and BBQ.

We’re starting to wind down in the peak numbers of summer and less people are going outside… which means more gaming! MMOs like EVE Online are seeing a lot of returning players, and there have been some serious changes in the game.

In this update we’re going to dump some nifty charts, talk about some of our community projects, and give an update on our games!

Krypted Authentication

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Krypted Authentication, but Xaeli and Helltrek are finally getting their wish… we’re working on version 4.

This will be the final version of the Krypted Authentication project, we will be moving towards a microservice architecture after it’s complete. We would just shift away immediately, but we want to see it to completion… and more importantly we want the project done right!

We’re currently rounding up Python developers, setting up the skeleton project, and getting some code down. Hype!

Krypted Network

This has been a background project for quite some time, but ultimately the Krypted Network is our hosting side of things where we host services for other groups. This can be websites, authentication platforms, and other gaming tools.

It’s finally grown to a “happening” status, we’ve got a solid core user base and are funding our EVE Online antics (SRP, upkeep, etc) with the ISK income we receive from it.


I promised some charts, so here they are.

Voice minutes for each Krypted group
Channel messages for each Krypted group

From these charts, we can see that EVE Online players type too much. Also, make sure you’re in interest groups!


We saw some great videos posted within our community this month, and even a Rust one!

Why are you running? – Asilthar
Baited – Synology Attor
A Few Skirmishes – Naezek
Kiki vs Hawk/Sabre/Tristan – Asilthar
Duo Roam – Synology Attor

EVE Online


EVE Online has been doing great, and quite honestly we haven’t seen this sort of stability since the P-33KR era. Our core player-base is growing, and we have a very solid understanding of the gameplay we enjoy.

Small gangs and microgangs have been happening nearly daily in both timezones, and we’ve seen 4 FCs step up to the plate. For the first time in 3 years I’ve been able to go on vacation and still see content every day- a major milestone.

With blackout, we’ve been seeing a lot less wormhole brawls, but this leads to many more nullsec roams. We’re looking forward to seeing how the game shifts and are super excited for EVE Vegas!

Roster Changes

We brought in around 6 new players this month, and saw 3 departures and a lot of failed trials. We’ve been setting much higher standards for the people we’ve been bringing in, and are seeing some serious talent rise in our community.

Combat Statistics

We killed 626 ships this month, totaling 86.26 billion ISK destroyed. Great numbers, busted open our 500 kill milestone and are seeing some solid PvP growth in our individuals.

Scanning Metrics

This month we scanned 8525 signatures (5% increase), and mapped 1718 connections (13% increase). Our scanning load is spreading out a little bit more, with 56% of all scanning (14% decrease) done by the top 20% of individuals.

Future Plans

We’ve been focusing heavily on growing our roster, and it’s been bringing some great players into the community. This winter we’re hoping to introduce C5 bear holes to bring in a bit more income, as well as introducing more black ops and dread bombs.

Our microgangs have been moving away from frigates into heavier ships like cruisers, as well. We’ll be running more SiSi fleets to help push our mechanics even further, letting us fly even more expensive ships.


Rust has been pumping out some serious activity, especially on wipe days. It’s actually sort of ridiculous. Below is a chart of our standard week, with wipe day on Thursday, July 19th.

Wipe Hype!

Keep it up guys!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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