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Community Update #21

Community Update #21 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Hey there, welcome back to another community update!

We have a lot of juicy statistics in this update, with some very interesting blogs and videos. June was an extremely busy month for us- and we’ve seen some insane growth and activity in EVE Online.

Let’s jump in!


This month we’ve certainly set a record in terms of published media- 8 videos spanning across 4 content creators.

We saw nearly every form of content- from capital dunks to solo roaming. Be sure to check them out if you missed them.

EVE Online

June was the best month we’ve seen in a very long time, with some insane performance metrics and activity numbers off the charts. This is even more surprising because summer months typically bring low participation numbers in MMO communities.

Siege of J155203

At the start of the month, we sieged wormhole J155203. This was an large operation that took an entire 72 hours, and due to that it merits its own blog post!

Read about it here. Keep an eye out for the article from the defender’s perspective at the bottom.


We saw a total of 7 new members join us in June, with 5 members coming off of trial. There were 2 departures- both due to inactivity.

Our character roster count is starting to grow fairly fast- we’re nearly at 80 in-game characters. Our USTZ is at a great place right now, and EUTZ has been getting some awesome recruits.

In the next few months we will likely be hitting our goal of 100 characters, 50 individual people, which means we’ll be getting even more selective.

Combat Statistics

One word for this past month: wow. We destroyed 1505 ships, totaling 160 billion ISK. This is nearly as much as the past 3 months combined!

The statistics are fairly skewed due to eviction, where we received around 900 kills. If we leave that out, we killed 699 ships (33% increase).

From our 160 billion ISK destroyed, we looted 5 billion ISK, excluding the 50 billion ISK from the eviction.

Activity Metrics

This month we scanned around 8082 signatures (3% increase), which led to 1500 (33% increase) mapped wormhole connections.

Throughout the month, we were very steadily at 35-45 active characters on zKillboard, which is great for a corporation of our size.

Future Plans

There isn’t too much planned in July- we’re mostly just going to be hunting in our connections, generating some ISK, and practicing microgang. Overhauling our web services has been a pretty large focus, since it generates most of our corporation income.

We’ve started to dip into roaming with more expensive ships, leading to much better results in our small gangs.

Aside from our corporation growth, we’ve also formalized 3 new fleet commanders, which is starting to snowball EUTZ. We’re looking forward to growing out that timezone.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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