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Community Update #20

Community Update #20 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Hello, and welcome back to another community update!

We’ve been extremely busy this past month. A ridiculous amount of content in EVE Online, tons of new faces, and a major operation kicking off at the start of this month!


Last update, we talked a little bit about how we will be focusing our articles on EVE Online for the future. This May we introduced the wormhole series, the first of our EVE Online series category.

These articles follow our adventure through wormhole space as we learn more and more, and aim to help others follow in our footsteps. They also serve as wormhole outreach materials!


This month, we are going to be emphasizing our YouTube channel. Our thumbnails are a little dated, and our branding materials can certainly be cleaned up.

We have a ton of old footage that needs to be uploaded, so we’re going to be going through it and getting videos posted. Now that we don’t have the overhead of a huge operation (our Siege of J155203) looming over our head, we can focus on the little things!

Here’s the first of the new round of thumbnails.

Way better, right?

EVE Online

Our EVE Online corporation has certainly been reaping the rewards of being the primary focus of the community, and we’re seeing some awesome growth since we came to wormhole space.

The amount of content has been ridiculous, most days we receive strings and strings of fights or hunting opportunities- we can barely keep up!

We also did an eviction, which we will talk more about next update.


We saw nine new faces join us in May, and four departures (mostly trial players). Rake Mizar and Batou San are off trial as well, congratulations guys!

A big welcome to: Phloater, Eddi Masheddi, Carkereb, CSmoke, Solifugae, Madde Mega-star, Walter Kirk, Kermes!

Combat Statistics

We received 437 kills in May, totaling 96.03 billion ISK destroyed. This was a massive jump from last month’s 47.05 billion ISK destroyed, mostly due to our higher quality kills and involvement in wormhole capital brawls.

Over the past month we’ve been starting to make many more friends in wormhole space, leading to batphones and additional content opportunities. The capital fights have been a blast!


We’ve overhauled our doctrines in May, with a ton of help from No Vacancies. The goal is to get more fights, reduce confusion, and provide training plans for some of our mid-level players.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be seeding a ton of our skirmish and roaming doctrines.

For Krypted members, you can view our doctrines here.


Our survey results were pretty great this month, and we’re starting to see some serious growth in US timezone.

65.2% of our members are US, while 26.1% are EU. We’ve only got 1 kangaroo in AU!

We’re all fairly content at the moment with the direction of the corporation, receiving 4.78/5.00 in general happiness ratting and 4.70/5.00 with leadership happiness rating. Going into June, our primary focus is going to be more content, more wormhole fights, and recruitment.

Future Adventures

Now that our major operation for the Spring/Summer is over, we’re going to be focusing on getting additional content streams through hunting, whaling, and brawling.

Our new doctrines are going to (hopefully) bring us much success, and I’m looking forward to the ship explosions.

Expect more collaborations with other wormhole groups, especially for ragerolling and whaling!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

All stories by : BearThatCares

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