Community Update #2

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Community Update #2

Community Update #2 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Welcome Back!

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update on our current situation and EVE Online, mainly because we’ve been super busy with a lot of pretty cool things!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve managed to stay in the top 5 of SLYCE on zKillboard, deploy an awesome new authentication system, and settle a new primary home! Oh, and we sold Glory 🙁

Combat Stats

Since our last update, we’ve been able to manage 25+ active PvP players per week, and have been burning through multiple fleets a week! With the addition of a few new fleet commanders, we are able to take out at least 3 stable operations a week, and for the first couple of weeks in February we were throwing down daily!

In February we’ve killed 675 ships so far, adding up to 110 Billion ISK! In only a few months, Krypted Gaming has killed 700 Billion ISK! That’s pretty insane, only a few months ago we were a 3 man wormhole corporation! Our number of ships killed is around 30% less than January, but that is to be expected due to BRAVE moving out of Deklein. We’ve been hunting a lot bigger targets now!

Growth & Recruitment

Our community has been steadily growing at around 10-20 people per month, and we are pretty happy with that. Slow, steady growth has always been the motto in regards to our corporation, as it’s nearly impossible to bring in 50 members and properly integrate them in an acceptable time period.

Our turnover rate has been pretty steady, we have a lot of people that join us and go inactive for some reason, as well as people who just don’t fit culturally. Management got a little lazy handling activity requirements for February, but we recognized this issue and we’re making sure that we step up our game.

New players have been an interesting topic for us, as it’s extremely hard for a small community to bring in and teach players in null security space. Most of our leadership are tied up with maintaining the corporation, and we seem to be lacking the extra help to focus on growth and teaching our players. It’s pretty hard when you have to deal with life full-time, handle a ton of moons and logistics, and then keep up with all the other things in alliance and coalition! We are looking at ways to improve this dilemma, and will hopefully come up with something! Perhaps a magical angel will fall out of the sky!

Tech & Brand Update

As we grow, we have been constantly working on refactoring all the services we have to offer, and trying to ensure that our servers, web services, and applications are as clean and functional as we can get them!

We have spinned up two more services, our Auth system and Wiki, and have been focusing on cleaning up and organizing our community. This includes a lot of shifting servers around, and learning how to manage multiple websites on a single Apache deployment. We are pretty new to this, and it’s been a wonderful learning experience so far. Perhaps a dedicated server is in our future, after we figure out some sort of income source to sustain it!

Our Brand is pretty important to us, as our goal is to eventually evolve into a multi-game community, surrounded by a multitude of people that we enjoy gaming with. With a sick new logo design, we are able to replace all of our ugly looking attempts at branding with a centralized theme. We are still lacking a Twitch and YouTube presence, our current management sadly just don’t have the time for it. Hopefully in the near future we can find members interested in these activities, as we would love to produce high quality content as a community.


We have been a lot more active on Twitter, posting the battle reports to awesome brawls we get into, as well as some cool pictures whenever we can get them! If you aren’t following us already, consider checking it out!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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