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Community Update #19

Community Update #19 1920 1080 BearThatCares

Hi all!

The heat is here! We’re getting closer to summer as we head into May, and along with it we’re starting to see those traditional gaming trends. More people going outside, and less overall content in MMOs.

This past April was a busy month for us, with a pretty cool update we’ll introduce in the EVE Online section!


Our guides and blog posts have been performing very well, and we’re looking to change up our scope a little bit. Rust articles aren’t exactly catching on as we had hoped, so we’re going to be shifting towards more towards EVE Online.

This means our article categories are going to match up with areas of the EVE Online universe, and we’ll start specializing our content to give you guys more interesting things to read.

One of the things we’ll be doing is telling some of the stories that we’re encountering in the game, since we have tons of interesting ones!


There were a handful of community videos last month, with some extremely popular (1000+ views) ones by Asilthar. Check them out if you missed them!

EVE Online

We’ve been fairly busy in New Eden, with a ton of PvP and finding our way in wormholes.

New Wormhole

At the start of this month we moved into a new wormhole, Mjolnir, in an effort to create a more permanent solution and generate more PvP content with C5 wormhole chains. The C1 static of Genesis felt like it was limiting our corporation, and we decided it was time to pull the trigger. Also, Graptharr finally finished his PI (for the 6th time), so we had to stick with tradition.

New Members

There are a handful of new additions to the corporation this past April, mostly in the US/EU timezone. Batou San, Maxoz, Varcolac Corvinus, and Durotey joined us this past month, hope you enjoy it here! We also had 5 members join us at the start of May, but we’ll save them for next month’s update.

Combat Statistics

In April, we saw a total of 383 kills totaling 47.05 billion ISK killed. We’re extremely proud of this, since it was all corporation content with minimal NPSI. Our goal by mid-year is to bump it up to 500 kills.

At the start of this month, we managed to form a mindblowing 38 characters in fleet for the anchoring of our Fortizar in Mjolnir. This was an extremely impressive number for a 49 member corporation, and I’m happy to say that not many corporations of our size can pull that off.

Great job guys!

Future Adventures

With our new wormhole, we’re hoping to try new and engaging content with our C5 static. Over the next few weeks we’re going to experiment with group PvE content, and ragerolling with armor doctrines to hunt down potential capitals.

We’re going to aim to create a ton of PvP content, with the goal of rapidly growing our US East and European timezone.


Rust has shifted towards a more casual group management model as a result of Luhkee having to step back for a bit (new job). We’ve removed the application process and given numerous members the ability to approve group requests, allowing our core player base to continue to grow and maintain the group.

Activity is still fairly healthy due to the awesome core group we have, I’ve been seeing 5-10 members consistently playing.

Keep the fun rolling



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

All stories by : BearThatCares

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