Community Update #15

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Community Update #15

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Krypted updates are blog posts about the past quarter in Krypted Gaming. They are largely statistics based, providing information from our multiple surveys, or our in-game statistics. Furthermore, they lay out our plans moving forward.

Welcome back!

These past few months have flown by, and we’ve been constantly working on our branches to improve them. We’ll chat a little bit about the community content, and dig into our branches a little bit. This next quarter we’re going to be pushing some serious changes to improve our community, so we’ll talk about those in their relative sections.

Let’s get started.


A curation of community content over the past few months.

Administration Overhaul

We’ve overhauled how we handle administration in the past couple of months, mostly focusing on breaking them up into units so that people don’t get easily overwhelmed.

Currently, we have spots for outreach, human resources, and branch assistance. Hopefully, this is a major step forward in helping others contribute to our community! It’s worth noting that we have nearly 20 staff members now, which is insane! 

Community Events

We are moving towards an event system for our community, solid events that branch assistance staff run on a certain day, at a certain time. We hope that this will provide a better experience for the people that work and need a little bit of structure to plan when they can attend things.

Currently, we have a few things planned out that will be discussed in the Branch section.

North Carolina Meetup #2

Not too long ago we held our first meetup in the US and had some solid fun and beers, long-time Krypted members. This October 20th, we’ll be doing the same thing again; this time at a brewery in Charlotte. There have been talks about a UK meetup, so that’s in the works as well!

Community Videos

Last time, we left you with a few videos about our previous Rust wipes. Well, we have more!

Discord Activity

We have seen a solid increase in Discord activity across our branches, mostly in the form of sustained voice activity. We are looking to round out a few of the branches in terms of branch activity because World of Warcraft and Rust are fairly spiky.

New World MMO

New World, the Amazon MMO, is finally in closed alpha! We are eyeballing this game, and believe it’ll be a solid candidate for a new branch.


Some updates on our branches


Our Rust branch has been fairly sustained since June, with a lot of major changes and some huge learning for our staff. Currently, Alejandro is doing an amazing job as the sole administrator of the branch. We are looking to round out more Human Resources staff, as well as focus on integrating Rust a bit more into the Krypted community.

Administration Team

Luhkee and Netban have decided to both step down as branch administration, and we’d like to thank them for their service to our community. Luhkee will still be around, focusing on enjoying the game as a line member. Silly has stepped up to the plate for branch assistance, and we wish him the best of luck!

Moving Servers

This October, we will be playing on Rustopia US. We’ve spent our time learning on RustyMoose, and through a community vote we will be trying out a new server.

Simulation Events

Raiding is a key component of Rust, and learning by burning all the resources you’ve held near and dear to your heart can always be bittersweet. To learn in a bit more of a controlled environment, we will be doing raid simulations.

Ultimately, this means two Krypted teams will pit against each other in a base war. We hope that this will build our mechanics and improve our raids. We hope that Simulation Saturdays will catch on.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a branch that needs a lot of love, and over the past month, we’ve worked on fleshing out a core staff for helping the branch have a solid amount of content. Consistent events outside of raid is a major focus of ours, and we are picking up an entirely different recruitment approach.

Recruitment via Pugging

The Warcraft forums and Reddit are bloated with thousands of guilds, and not enough players. Honestly, with a solid LFG system like World of Warcraft has, there isn’t much of a reason to waste so much time finding a guild.

Thus, we are going to utilize the LFG system to find players and show them the wonderful side of our community. By filling up vacant slots in keystones, world PvP groups, and raids, we’ll be able to bring players and voice and show them what it’s like having a solid home to play the game at.

Hopefully this will produce good results over the next month or two, we’ll reassess next update.

Mythic Mondays

As stated earlier, we’re focused on creating consistent events outside of raid so that players can have structured content. Mythic Mondays is one of those events. Currently, we’ve successfully ran them twice, and we will be migrating it to a system-managed event that ensures that it’ll always fire off.

Warmode Wednesdays

We are also going to start firing off a PvP-focused event every Wednesday at 9PM, focused on getting your conquest cap and getting a juicy piece of gear. Keep an eye out for the announcements!

EVE Online

EVE Online has had a solid uptick now that our war (which lasted for nearly a year) has finally closed. It’s exciting to be able to log in and do things other than defend our space. We are implementing programs for capitals, and really focusing on taking our gameplay to the next level.

The Push for Capitals

Capital ships are running rampant in EVE Online, and it’s time for our group to take them more seriously. By end of year, we are focusing on getting every single member into at least one capital ship. This will allow us to compete in the current EVE Online ecosystem, and make life a bit easier when defending our home.

Migrating the EVE Branch

Rust and World of Warcraft have received a lot of love over the past few months, and it’s time for us to take everything we’ve done in the community and apply it to our EVE Online branch.

Since this branch was first, there are many clunky backend systems that make life a bit more difficult. We’re working on getting these fixed so that we can scale the branch to larger heights.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

All stories by : BearThatCares

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