Community Update #14

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Community Update #14

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Krypted updates are blog posts about the past month or two, and what our community is planning for the future. They are largely statistics based, providing information from our multiple surveys, or our in-game statistics.

Hey you, welcome back!

This past couple of months in Krypted have been super busy, and I’m sure most of us are feeling it! In this update, we’ll go into a little discussion about the community-wide updates, and then drill down into our specific branches.

Let’s get started.


A curation of our community content over the past few months

North Carolina Meetup

We will be having our first meetup in the United States this weekend, grabbing a few drinks at a pub in North Carolina. This will be the first of many, and it’s awesome to finally see the community project beyond the world of pixels.


We finally have merchandise!

This has been a long time coming, and I finally knocked it out last month. In just the first two prints we’ve sold over 25 shirts!

For more information, check the forums.

Community YouTube Channel

In our Rust branch, we have been having some awesome videos posted by @AMG. In an effort to showcase actual community efforts, we started up a separate YouTube channel. These will be primarily from community submissions and will showcase raw gameplay.

Here are some videos so far,

Rust Trailer

Oh, by the way, we have our very own trailer!

Discord Statistics

This month, we released some of our Discord statistics. If you haven’t seen them, find the link here.


Some updates on our branches


Our branch in Rust has been an extremely interesting journey over the past few months, and something that has brought a lot of growth to our community. The nature of the game is very different from EVE Online and World of Warcraft, and adapting our community to support the Rust community has resulted in a lot of trial and error.

One of the major issues with Rust is burnout, and we’ve identified this. It’s a very hyperactive game that requires a lot of attention and time, meaning that it’s super easy to run out of steam. Luckily, the whole point of our community is to have other things to do when you’re completely burnt out on a particular game. Over the next few months, we hope to integrate the Rust branch into our community a bit more and have our members try out some of the other branches our community has to offer.

Administration Team

We finally have built out an administration team for our Rust branch, comprised of @Luhkee (US), @Alejandro (US), and @Netban (EU). This is something that will project our branch a bit further, and help us scale up.

Moving Servers

This September, we will be moving servers. We’ve found that a 300-slot server is a bit too hectic for us, especially with some groups running up to 20 deep. Our average is around 4-8 with a peak of 16, so a smaller server will be a great incubator for us.

We have decided on RustyMoose Medium, due to a monthly BP wipe and weekly map wipe.

Moving Forward

Alongside burnout, we’ve found that complacency is a major killer for Rust groups as well. It’s really difficult to have fun when you’ve won in a sense, and for a good few weeks, we were crushing Rustopia with a constant 12-16 deep.

Doing the same thing, albeit optimal, every wipe, is extremely boring. We will be making an effort to constantly change things up, and mess around a little bit to mix things up. Some of these include constantly changing servers, base builds, and strategies.

World of Warcraft

Last report, we identified our World of Warcraft branch as one with some major pain points. We’re happy to say that our guild is sitting fairly pretty now, with a stronger sense of community and activity. Our current raid roster is sitting at a strong 16, and we’re mostly just filling out some extra slots. We’re looking forward to tomorrow when raid releases.

Moving forward, we’re looking to focus on a few things,

  • Fleshing out the World of Warcraft administration team a bit more (Vikaste and Vekko have been getting hammered at work)
  • Recruiting more World of Warcraft focused players, so that we can up our daily activity
  • Knocking out guild achievements and creating a sense of greater World of Warcraft involvement
  • Exploring the rest of what Battle of Azeroth has to offer, outside of just raiding

Clear skys so far for this branch, keep it up!

EVE Online

The bitter veterans! We are coming up on 3 years for our EVE Online branch, and I can definitely tell that this is a game that we’ve become pretty stable in.

Birthday Fleet

We had an awesome birthday fleet this August, dropping some capitals with our friends Worthless Carebears.

Dropping capitals is fun, and we’ve been having some mining efforts to start building up a greater capital force. I can definitely see small dread balls in our future!


This past few months have seen a major focus on our other two branches, and EVE Online has definitely been in a relaxing stage. We’re looking at kicking off a boot camp this fall, and rejuvenating some of our veterans.

Something we’ve been very interested in is getting our other branch members involved in EVE Online, since the game is free, and there’s a lot of ways that they can play the game passively. We are hoping at launching a few materials to guide these players through the process, and support them with tackling this beast of a game.

With growth in our outreach team, we’re kicking off some more EVE Online branch recruitment as well.

Moving Forward

This past year has really been tedious due to the war that has lasted almost 8 months now. Summer is fairly close to wrapping up, and we’re going to see the return of a lot of our players that have been going outside.

There has been a lot of industry content creation from General Havock, Eleese, and George, and some military content creation from Dederra. As people start to return, we’re going to be kicking off some more goals and interesting efforts.

Additional Updates

Check these out if you haven’t already!

Also, we’ve been keeping our eye on New World, we will definitely be playing this when it launches.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

All stories by : BearThatCares

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