Community Update #13

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Community Update #13

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Krypted updates are blog posts about the past month or two, and what our community is planning for the future. They are largely statistics based, providing information from our multiple surveys, or our in-game statistics.

Welcome back for another update on our community!

We have been hard at work in the background on our World of Warcraft branch, and also working on pushing our EVE Online branch further than it’s ever been. In this write-up, we’ll chat with some of the goals we hope to reach by the end of the year, as well as some of the statistics we’ve been seeing.

Buckle up! Enjoy the ride.

EVE Online


Summer is here, and it’s hitting many groups across New Eden! Krypted has not been immune to the sun staying out longer, and a lot of our EU folks are enjoying it while it lasts. Many of our key players are taking a little breather from the game, a few of them preparing for Fall semester or playing World of Warcraft before the new expansion hits.

Recruitment Spike

Despite numbers being down across the game, we have seen an increase in recruitment applications, mostly due to increased outreach and a new and improved recruitment system. In the past 3 weeks alone, we’ve seen 12 new applications to our EVE Online branch.

End of Year Goals

We have been consistently forming 16 players every Saturday for our full body fleets, and hope to increase that number to 25. Alongside this, we are focusing on taking back our throne as leaders in alliance fleet participation.

Ultimately, we’re looking to double the number of players in our EVE Online branch and work on pushing forward our alliance culture.

World of Warcraft

Heroic Progression

We have seen some awesome progression in our core raid team, and are now up to 7/11 heroic progression. Our branch seeding phase is ending, meaning that many of our EVE players will be returning to EVE Online. Due to this, we are hoping to triple the World of Warcraft community by end of year.

Battle for Azeroth

The new expansion looks amazing, and we are looking forward to what changes it will bring to the guild system. With our community infrastructure, we hope to take a big role in the new community feature.

Community Ambitions


Many of us have been playing games like Factorio, Rust, and Ark over the past year. Our community is very high-tech in terms of our player authentication and server infrastructure, and we might be looking to break into the game server hosting scene soon.

This would be a real opportunity to build a greater, separate Krypted community through the mass audiences of popular games, as well as bring in income for merchandise and community member rewards.

Community Platform

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been really putting a lot of effort in our forums and authentication to build the basis of a community platform. Things like badge systems, player profiles, and more give us an interesting way to keep our players involved.

This is something that we’re experimenting with, and we hope that it can blossom into something extremely unique.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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