Community Update #12

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Community Update #12

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Krypted updates are blog posts about the past month or two, and what our community is planning for the future. They are largely statistics based, providing information from our multiple surveys, or our in-game statistics.

Hey there, and welcome back to another Krypted update!

It’s been quite some time since our last one, mostly because we’ve been packed full with things like building our new authentication, deploying in EVE Online, and just playing the ‘ole vidya games.

We’ll be dumping all of the nice statistics that we’ve gathered over the past few months, so hold on tight!

Authentication 2.0

We have finally finished our authentication 2.0 web software, that allows players to link their Discord, Discourse, and other services to our community. It helps us manage groups and other goodies, and track in-game statistics.

For now, we’ve labeled the release as 1.0, and it only has basic functionality to support multiple gaming branches and games. Over time, we will be adding many features to it, mostly related to specific games.

In only a couple of weeks, we’ve reached 89 users signed up, across 254 EVE Online characters.

We also have around 1.5k unique visitors to our wonderful blog each month!

EVE Online

EVE Online has been fairly quiet lately, now that we’re moving into summer where everybody starts to go outside more. We’ll be highlighting some of the notable events that have happened since our previous update, and some of our community statistics.

Stellaris Fever

We started the year with a huge Stellaris bug, where we did some awesome campaigns with the new update. This isn’t really EVE related, but it was a lot of fun, and involves space.

Goon SIG Deployment

Goons deployed their PvP special interest groups up to Deklein, and they have been buzzing around for well over a month now. Since our branch is based in Fade, we have been right in the middle of the hive for a couple of months now.

Krypted Deployment

Since Fade was a nightmare, we deployed up to Delve and started killing tons of excavators and silly ratters.

This actually has its own article, check it out.


Things have gotten a bit quieter in Fade, so we are kicking back into mining operations and some lowsec roams again. Over the next few weeks we’ll be squeezing out whatever fun we can, and perhaps will dip into some wormhole content.

Community Statistics

Let’s get into some juicy numbers.

Player Wealth in Krypted Gaming

35%More than 25B
35%More than 10B
12.5%Around 5B
17.5%Poor as hell (1-2B)

Happiness Rating

In our surveys, we always like to collect ratings to see how happy our members are. Our current corporation happiness rating is 4.47/5.00, while our alliance happiness rating is 3.00/5.00. Our coalition happiness rating is 3.00/5.00 as well. Surprisingly more people are happy with our leadership than our corporation, with a 4.52/5.00 rating. Our fleet happiness rating has dropped a little bit, with a 3.82/5.00. We’re always looking more FCs so we can vary up the content a little bit.

Community Identity

We like to judge our community identity by what our members think of us, below is the response.


World of Warcraft

This May, we launched our WoW, which has been an amazing success so far. Our active raid team is around 18 members, and we’ve already cleared all of the legacy Legion raids. We are currently 6/11 on Normal Antorus.

We’re really hoping that this branch blooms into something as successful as our EVE Online branch. By this time next month we should be past heroic content and be moving towards mythic raiding!

Read more here.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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