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Pretty much everybody hates switching voice programs, even more people hate switching to Mumble! In this short guide, we’re going to go over how we use Mumble in Krypted Gaming, and what you can expect when you join our voice server.

Why Mumble?

In Krypted, we use Mumble for a lot of different reasons, but there’s one that stands out- we hate noise. We’re grumpy nerds, and needless chatter across fleets is something that initiates the hell out of us.

With Mumble, we have our fleet channels broken up into squads that cannot talk to each other. Fleet commanders sit at the top channels, and each channel talks to itself. This means that logistics pilots can have a conversation about logistics, and electronic warfare can talk about different primaries.

This keeps everybody sane while fleet commanders still have all of the intel that they need.

Channel Layouts

You will see a few channel layouts in our Mumble, it’s important to understand them so that you can have a better fleet experience!

Unstructured Channels

You’ll see these under Fleets, these are just typical voice channels that people stack into. There are no rules, just talk.

Weakly Structured Channels

You’ll see some of these under Strategic Fleets, where we keep a mix of weakly and strongly structured channels.

Weakly structured channels have a Quiet Channel, where members can go to hear the FCs but nobody else. Everybody else (except the FCs) stacks up in the Primary Fleet channel.

Strongly Structured Channels

These are for larger fleets and have a DPS, Logistics, Utility and Quiet Channel. Each channel is made so that you can talk between your squad and the fleet commanders.

Connecting to Mumble

To connect to mumble, visit

Our Mumble is gated by SSO, and only allows groups that we are on friendly terms with (or frequently collaborate with). There is no member limit, and you can use it however you’d like. Just don’t disrupt fleets.



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