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As an EVE Online corporation, Krypted Gaming has a lot of events where we need to get information out to our members, and sometimes we need to get people online fast. This is where’s pings come in handy.

This information is meant for clarification of Krypted members, and is not deemed important enough to post privately. We are creating a blog post on this as it is important for the public to view how we function, especially for prospective recruits.



What is a ping?

Typically, a ping is just a notification to everyone that something is going down, and we need members online. Since Discord is our platform of choice, we typically send out a ping with the @everyone command. This usually let’s everybody know that Gravimetric has gotten his Orca tackled, or that Bear is very drunk and running a fleet.


How are pings categorized?

In Krypted Gaming, we have three ways of categorizing pings.

1. #announcements – This is for special pings relating to corporation matters, and are only posted by leadership. Basicallt, they’re corporation mails. Read all of these at your earliest convenience.

2. #pings – Everyone can post here. These are more immediate events, and should be checked ASAP. These will usually include @everyone or @here, depending on how important they are.

3. #corporation – Anybody can ping @everyone in the corporation at any time, this is pretty much equivalent to a @here in #pings.



  1. Upcoming important corporation fleet (in a few days or week)
  2. Toilet reads. Surveys, information on how to support us further, or just praise for our members.
  1. Corporation fleets
  2. Red pins, extremely important fleets that we need to get online for.
  3. Short messages from leadership that need to be processed immediately.
  4. Emergencies
  1. Pinging for more numbers on alliance or coalition fleets
  2. Additional pings accompanying a #pings messages​
  3. Important questions or clarifications


Important Notes

  1. If you’re trying to get ahold of somebody, send them a private message. Pinging them in #corporation or #public increases the chance they won’t see your message.
  2. If you just pinged something in #pings, and need to add additional information, update your ping or send one to #corporation. DO NOT PING TWICE.
  3. If you just pinged in the past 10 minutes, people are probably still paying attention to Discord. Don’t post in #pings again, just chat in #corporation.
  4. Don’t cross post alliance/coalition pings unless they’re important. Everybody is signed up for these services, if they’re not, they probably don’t know which way is up anyway.


CEO of the Krypted Gaming’s EVE online corporation. You’ll typically find me taking out gangs through lowsec and wormholes, looking for fun fights. My favorite ship is anything TI. I like insurance.

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