Introducing Krypted Lite


Throughout the lifetime of Krypted Gaming, we’ve seen people come and go, for many different reasons. One of our primary reasons for turnover is due to people taking a break from EVE, losing interest in the game, or not quite having the time to commit to some of the requirements that our main EVE Online corporation has. This has been a pretty tough issue to solve for us, because while we love the guys that we’ve been getting to know over their months at Krypted, being active must be enforced to maintain an active playerbase.

Today, we hope to solve that with Krypted Lite.

What is it?

Krypted Lite will be an alternative option for the following people,

  • Members of Krypted that don’t quite meet activity requirements.
  • Members of Krypted taking extended breaks from the game.
  • Members of Krypted who aren’t quite interested in PvP.

Our main focus at Krypted Gaming will always be building an active playerbase which is heavily focused on PvP. However, instead of sending these players off to other corporations in SLYCE (which we have been), we would prefer to build our community and recruit these players, and hopefully turn them into more active players.

Krypted Lite will be alongside Krypted Gaming in Deklein, in the SLYCE Pirates alliance.

What’s the difference?

There are three different things about Krypted Lite.

  • Higher tax rate (because they aren’t contributing to military efforts)
  • No requirements (Including all fleets/CTAs/Stratops)
  • Carebears allowed (Miner-only guys, etc)

How will this benefit Krypted Gaming?

As we move forward in EVE Online, we will tighten up requirements, and push to improve in every aspect. There are many members who we have come to know and love chatting with, and we want to keep them in our community. By having this option, we will be keeping the people that don’t quite make the cut in-house, and thus reap the benefits of having a larger playerbase, and keeping long-time members around.

This will not be,

  • A big clusterf!*k collective. We’re tight knit.
  • A flood of newbies and carebears.

We have removed around 30-40 people in the past few months, even though they still play the game at some degree. Instead of sending them elsewhere, it would have been nice to still have them around.

Looking forward to chatting more about this at our end of month meeting.

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