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Before this, make sure you read our Discord guide.

In our guide to Discord, we set the stage for setting up your Discord settings to personalize your privacy. However, this only works when everybody is following the rules.

In this article, we’re going to go over some do’s and don’t for using Discord in our community so that everybody can enjoy video game without having us invade their lives.

Understanding Pings

A ping is a notification, which comes with a red number on the channel and an annoying ding. Pings are made to be disruptive, so that they can get your attention for important things, like a shiny ship tackled in EVE Online or our hemp farm being burned in Rust.

Pings occur when,

  • Someone @mentions your name
  • Someone @mentions your group
  • Someone mentions @everyone
  • Someone mentions @here and you’re on Discord
  • Someone sends you a direct message

A lot of this can be personalized, however, there are some things are very difficult to escape, like direct messages and group mentions.

Respecting Privacy

People have a right to step away from the community, so it’s important that we respect that and don’t pull them away by lighting their phone up like a Christmas tree.

Here are some guidelines on respecting people’s privacy:

  • Do not mention groups (e.g @Rust) unless it’s extremely important. It’s impossible to mute group mentions.
  • Don’t tag someone if they were just talking, they’ll see your message soon. They’re clearly around.
  • By default use @here, for emergencies (e.g heavy assets tackled) tag @everyone.
  • Back-to-back @everyone pings are extremely frowned upon, use @here for following pings.
  • Don’t ping for stupid reasons, I don’t want my phone buzzing because you pulled your souffle out of the oven and want to share a photo

In general, just use common sense before you ping. We have lives outside of the game.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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