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April 2018 Release Notes

April 2018 Release Notes 1920 1080 BearThatCares

This April we will be upgrading to version 3.3.1 for Krypted Authentication, with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Emojis in Discord names no longer throw Server 500 errors
  • ESI failures no longer propagate outside of the EVE module
  • Hamburger logo now displays the proper logo
  • No more broken loops when users try to activate their account
  • Fixed Server 500 errors with viewing surveys


  • Calendar shows local time alongside UTC
  • Breadcrumbs are now implemented
  • Removed Guilds
  • Overhauled new user experience
  • Site names are now configurable

Guilds are Gone

Guilds were clunky and ugly, so we got rid of them with this release and implemented a few new tools to replace their functionality.

There are three new admin objects,

  • Group Integrations
  • Group Dependency Lists
  • Applications

Group Integrations are used to identify groups that are handled by our custom integrations. Currently, we support the case where Primary EVE characters receive a group, and Blue EVE characters receive a group. If an integration is not specified, the group assignment skips over it. This also allows admins to specify any group for our automatically assigned groups.

Group Dependency Lists identify groups that are dependent on a particular group. For example, we may have three groups: EVE-SUPERS, EVE-CAPITALS, EVE-ONLINE. We don’t want EVE-SUPERS and EVE-CAPITALS available to non-EVE-ONLINE members, so we create a Group Dependency List. This way, when the user loses EVE-ONLINE, they will lose all of the dependent groups. Also, when applying for groups, they won’t be able to see the dependent groups until they have the dependency.

Applications replace GuildApplications, and are now attached to a particular group. The automated flag will automatically add the group when an application is accepted.

New User Experience

First time users need a complete guide to set up their account, and that’s unacceptable from a UX perspective. This release we overhauled it so that everything is on a single page if they just registered their account, that way they can go through the steps and be guided through the process.

After they hit continue, they’ll never see the tutorial again.

We are currently testing the newest version on Krypted Gaming, and will be applying it this week to all of our other users.

Next release we’re going to be focusing on EVE Online functionality, you can see some of the features here.



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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