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Applying to Krypted Gaming

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This page will walk you through the application process for Krypted Gaming.


Before you apply, we highly encourage you to read a little bit about our community and other groups you may be interested in. We have found that players who research all of their options and make educated decisions end up enjoying their time here a lot more and stick around for years to come.

There are many places to learn about us,

Ultimately, if you’re tired of hopping from group to group, do some research!

Minimum Requirements

Krypted Gaming

Because we’ve been playing together for many years, most of our community is composed of veteran players. Due to this, we’re not a great environment for new players, there are many other groups that specialize in training them. If you’re looking at applying, we expect you to have the following:

  1. Well-skilled primary character. You should be able to cover 1-2 PvP roles (dps, anti-tackle, utility, etc) in a nanogang and large fleet setting.
  2. Second utility character. This may be a scanning character, sabre alt, or logistics cruiser. You should have at least two accounts.
  3. Experience in a small gang or fleet setting OR experience in wormholes. Both are highly recommended.
  4. Proactive mindset. We don’t want ping warriors, we want pilots who proactively hunt for content.
  5. Active daily between 20:00-02:00. We’re primarily recruiting UK and US players, so we’re looking for people active around those times.

Krypted Lite

If you’re under 50m SP, we consider you a new player. Due to the nature of our group, we fly a ton of different ships to obtain content. This means that you’ll be heavily limited in ship choices, and need to be able to perform one or more of the following roles at a competent mechanical level:

  • Command destroyer (booshing, nanogang, etc)
  • Electronic warfare (Kitsune, Keres, battleship EWAR)
  • Logistics (dual-boxing logistics cruisers highly recommended)

For newer players looking to join, if you don’t already have a second account, you should create one and start training it before applying. The fastest turnaround is a Sabre pilot.

Note on Recruitment

Our recruitment policy is slow, steady growth of quality pilots. Sometimes, we’ve just recruited a handful of pilots and we’re not looking to recruit more. Maybe we just recruited a new player and aren’t looking for any new projects- new players take a significant amount of focus.

Don’t take it personal if we reject a solid application or refer you to another group. Always chat with us in Discord to learn about our current recruitment situation!

Application Process

1. Create an Authentication Account

Krypted Authentication is our custom web application to manage our community.

We use it to automatically sync permissions and groups, manage all of our community processes, and track in-game activity to provide useful insights.

Click here to create your account, and if you get stuck feel free to reach out to us on Discord.

2. Create an Application

Some groups in our community are closed, like EVE Online and Rust, and require an application.

  1. Click Applications on the authentication website
  2. Click Apply for the group you’d like to apply to
  3. Fill out your application

After you’ve submitted your application, let us know in our #public channel and we’ll DM you for the next steps. Typically we take strong applicants on a few roams to see if they mesh well with our culture.

3. Interview

Interviews act as another layer to increase retention and ensure that players are a good fit for us. They are less common, typically we just take you on a handful of fleets.

They’re very relaxed, and mostly just answering your questions!

Getting Help

If you need help at any time through this process, join our Discord and ask. We’re here to help you!



EVE Online CEO, fleet commander, and multi-box PvPer. Wormholer btw.

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