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Solar flares are mission-types in Starborne that allow your industrials to harvest stars for absurd amounts of resources. To put “absurd” into perspective, we’re talking 30,000 to 40,000 gas in 30 minutes in the early game.

Once I learned about these events from Cleg, my resource problems completely evaporated. It went from barely scraping by to not having enough space to hold it all.

In this guide we’re going to lay out some of the station infrastructure you’ll want to harvest efficiently, and how to get the plasma flowing!

Finding Solar Flares

Solar Flares are extremely common, so you’ll want to keep probes on nearby stars 24/7. Every 2 hours there will be a 20% chance that a flare will spawn at a particular star, with random resource types and quantity.

Star with a Solar Flare

After you find it, you’ll be able to inspect it and see what’s available for harvest. In the example below, you’ll see there’s 34406 gas available.

Plasma Harvesting

The mechanic behind solar flares is plasma harvesting, something your industrials are able to do. Plasma is a little different than other resources- industrials can’t hold plasma to a 1:1 ratio. Due to this, you’ll need to upgrade your industrial fleets to support plasma harvesting.

To harvest solar flares effectively, you’ll need speed and plasma cargo. Because solar flares don’t last that long, you’ll want to get to them as fast as possible. And for the same reason, you’ll want the highest yield per trip, leading to plasma cargo.

The cards that will help you do this are Borts and Mal Estrade, as well as a ton of other harvester cards. If you’re not sure how to craft cards, read our guide on it.

Solar Flare cards

Station Infrastructure

Aside from fleet cards, you can invest in station infrastructure to help you harvest faster. The best option is the Stargate, which increases the speed of all fleets leaving a particular station. You’ll find it in the Outpost menu.

With my Stargate, fleet cards, and station cards, I’m able to harvest 30,000 to 40,000 of a resource every 35 minutes from nearby suns.


Solar flares are a very lucrative method for gathering resources, enough to where you’ll have to trade them away because you’ll be full. Aside from raiding, this has been the easiest way for me to keep my build and ship queues full at all times.

Try it out!



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