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A few days ago, a bunch of our EVE Online players came over to Starborne to try it out as a background game. We were quickly confronted with a learning curve similar to EVE Online with a pretty brutal UI experience.

One of the largest things we realized that there are not many resources out there aside from videos… and we hate videos. So, we’ll get started on a Starborne guide series much like our EVE Online guides.

The first one on the list is cards, because that’s pretty much the only thing we’ve figured out.

What are cards?

Cards are essentially upgrades for your stations, fleets, and empires. They all you to shape your strategies in the game, and they add a ton of flavor to your empire.

There come in four flavors of rarity: common, rare, epic, and legendary. You can obtain them from tasks, missions, and crafting.

Think of them like your talent tree in World of Warcraft or your ship fitting in EVE Online. By plugging in cards, you’re shaping the kind of game you’ll play.

Viewing Cards

Cards are located under the Inventory tab of the top menu, and you’ll see a nice little Cards tab with all of your cards.

There are two ways of viewing cards- the ones in inventory and all cards. The all cards view is great for when you want to craft cards that you don’t already have, or search around for cards to see what’s there.

Searching Cards

There’s a nice little search box at the top right of the card interface, where you can type in keywords like covert operatives, mining facilities, or whatever you’re looking to buff.

Searching for Mining Facility cards

So, if you wanted to run an industrial empire with a ton of Mining Facilities, you’re going to want to search for mining facility cards and craft a ton of them.

Crafting Cards

Crafting cards is done by clicking on the card that you want, and clicking on the craft menu. It’s a fairly simple interface, you use credits to craft cards and salvage cards to get credits.

Crafting a Plasma Harvest card

Something we recently learned is that time cards (ones that last a certain amount of time) are horrible for salvaging, so just use them up.

Salvaging Cards

When you salvage cards, you receive credits and blueprint fragments. The credits are used to craft more cards (and buy other things in the store), while the blueprint fragments can be used to craft blueprints.

Blueprints are used to permanently reduce the cost of crafting a particular card. This is useful if you’re going to be crafting a ton of a certain card- it will save you credits in the long run.

Shaping your Empire

Cards are what are used to determine what your stations, fleets, and strategies are.

For example, I have an industrial fleet with all plasma harvest bonuses from a ton of cards. Due to this, I’m able to obtain over 20,000 resources every time I send it to a solar flare. I buffed it even further by placing a Flare Monitors card in my station, giving +2 speed to my industrials harvesting solar flares.

Some stations are built entirely around cards, like mining colony stations. With mining colony stations you can plug in two Resource Silo cards and have a mining colony that harvests planets in a 3 hex radius. That’s huge.


Cards are an extremely important part of your empire, which is the reason why we’ve chosen it for our first Starborne article. Understanding cards adds a great amount of depth to the game and makes empire-building extremely fun.

If you liked this article, consider supporting us on Patreon. Expect a ton of written Starborne guides coming out as we learn more parts of the game. If you’re a member of the Starborne community that would like to contribute guides, hit me up on Discord- BearThatCares#1337.



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