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Running a corporation is by far the hardest careers in EVE Online, but one of the most rewarding. It takes a lot of planning, wearing many different hats, and as many hours as running your own business. A successful corporation is built after months of hard work, with zero shortcuts.

In this guide, I will share my experiences of running successful corporations in EVE Online, as well as outline the many tasks that CEOs and Leadership need to perform. This will be a series of guides, outlined below, covering many of the important pieces of keeping a corporation afloat.

Warning : This is a behemoth of a guide. Multiple articles, multiple pages. 


Overview of Series

  1. Overview (current)
  2. Recruitment & Security (TBD)
  3. Income
  4. Creating Content
  5. Failure


Overview of this Section

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Corporations
  3. Pre-planning
  4. Execution
  5. Building your Corporation


My Background

Running an EVE Online corporation was always something that sparked my interest. My first experience started with being a recruiter at Schneckt, the first corporation I joined. I had a lot of fun doing it, but decided that I’d try something new, and started a new-player corporation to stand alongside the main corporation, Schneckt University. At its peak, Schneckt University had around 150 new players running around in null security space, but eventually collapsed.

I learned a lot from that corporation, but still had a lot of learning to do. Next was Pormir/Without a Clue, a corporation that I started with Reza Pehlavi, my friend from high school. This one lasted a lot longer, and even was the executor of an alliance, but due to a lot of stress and fighting among leadership (we had around several directors), we collapsed with a peak of around 200 people. There was a reunion alliance, Glitch Mob, but the same thing occured with a collapse after we had around 110 members.

A ton of lessons were learned, and I decided that I was going to do things correctly this time. I started Krypted Gaming with around 5 friends that I’ve known since high school, and focused on building a gaming community behind the corporation. Thus far, we’ve been extremely successful, and I think I’ve finally found the recipe for cooking up a community.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons over my years of leading EVE corporations, and I hope to share all of my mistakes with you all, so you don’t make them as well.

Fair Warning

Being a CEO is hard, being a CEO of a successful corporation is even harder. You will make a ton of mistakes, piss of a lot of people, and possibly give up a few times. A ton of players will depend on you and look to you for content, which is a lot of pressure for some people. Know what you’re getting into.


Everybody is different, but this is my guide. I will try and keep things as general as possible, but these are based off of my experiences. I’m not the perfect CEO, nor do I know everything about running a corporation. You’re a human being, make your own choices 🙂




Now let’s get started.

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