Krypted Gaming is nearly always selectively recruiting for our branches, whether it be EVE Online or World of Warcraft. Having a constant flow of new community members helps keep things fresh and add more bright personalities to the melting pot. In this section, we will talk about some of the general things regarding recruitment into our community, as well as some of the cultural aspects of our digital family.

Krypted Authentication

Our entire HR process is managed through our Krypted Authentication web service, meaning that is where you’ll apply for all of our branches. By signing up here, you’ll be able to link your Discord and create a forum account, which helps us contact you and keep you up to date throughout the entire process.


In general, we have some basic requirements no matter what branch you are joining.

  1. A working microphone. We require a voice interview, meaning you’ll need a mic!
  2. Social. We don’t really want lone wolves, we want people that play video games with us.
  3. Active. In general, we expect you to be playing the game you’re applying at least a few times a week.
  4. Flexible. We run things a lot differently than other communities and are constantly improving.


We have an interesting crowd, and for the years we have been in service, we have kept it very consistent with the people we like to bring on board. Here are some of the quirks about our community,

  • We are casually competitive, which doesn’t really seem like something that can be possible. We like to get things done and constantly improve ourselves, but we aren’t down each others throat about it. We are successful because we are tight-knit, and it pushes ourselves to perform better for our buddies.
  • High turnover. Generally, the first 3 months dictate whether or not you’ll be staying with us for the long haul. Not everybody is cut out for a community that likes to grow as a single unit, and we are pretty open about whether or not you fit in with our culture.
  • We don’t really care about gender, sexual orientation, or if you identify as a tugboat. As in, we don’t really want to hear about your private characteristics, because it doesn’t matter. We’re here to play da vidya gamez, and we leave the personal chatter to when you’re gaming with a small group privately.
  • Taking the piss. We’ll mess with you, especially as a trial member, and even more so as a veteran. You should have fairly thick skin in our community, mostly because we don’t take anything to heart. That being said, things never go beyond the keyboard.
  • No drama. We are here to wind down after a day of work and have fun. We have a fairly strict 0-strike policy on drama, so don’t join if you like to stir things up.

If this sounds anything like you, we will probably be a perfect fit.

Moving Forward

If you’re interested in joining us, come chat with a recruiter on Discord. If you’re not a perfect fit, we will recommend you to a place where you will fit better.