Player Islands


Player Islands

Player islands are unique to a player and the friends they decide to let in. These islands are extremely important because they are the only islands with farm plots. If you’re in a guild, buildings will often run out of food, and you’ll need to feed the workers. Thus, every player needs to chip in to feed the village.

Obtaining your Island

We suggest putting your island in Caerleon, as it is the best place to be end-game. You’ll be kicking yourself in a week or two once you realize that you’ll be making frequent trips to Caerleon, because it’s the only city with portals to the black zone.

If you need help getting to Caerleon, find the Anchor on your local town map (press N), and you should be able to fast travel there.

To purchase your island, you’ll need to talk to the Island Merchant.

He’s the cool pirate guy, you can’t miss him.

Building a Farm

The farm is the most important part of the player island, and you’ll want to get it cooking as soon as possible. Navigate to the dark patch of land on your island (north-ish), and you’ll notice a merchant with some pumpkins around him.

We suggest the following,

  1. Build a farm on the dark patch of land. (press H)
  2. Purchase 9 carrot seeds from the merchant. (Ask guild for a loan)
  3. Start growing carrots. By watering them, you increase the seed yield by 200%, and use crafting focus.

This will allow you to make carrot soup, and start feeding your buildings, or the guild buildings.

Choosing Buildings

Picking the right buildings are tricky, as you don’t really want to waste effort on buildings that your guild will have. For the most part, you’ll just want to build what is most interesting to you.

However, I suggest you have the following, at least,

  • Novice House
  • Cook (for cooking carrots, forget it if the guild has one)

The rest is up to you, to be honest. Make sure you feed your workers with your wonderful carrot soup!


To get more plots on your island, you’ll need to pay silver to upgrade it. This is done the same way that you purchased, and there is an excellent infographic on the Albion wiki that displays the differences between plots.

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