This Week in EVE Online #2

This is a new series by Hugh Caswakk, focused on giving a debriefing of the past week in EVE Online for our members at Krypted Gaming. We believe that this will be an awesome way to keep our members informed, elevating our playerbase.

November 14th to November 21st 

Art Watch 

There has been one excellent piece of art submitted this week, pixel art of an Omen, a commission from an anonymous individual fulfilled by GelatinousDude.


Battle Watch

There has been an engagement in Alamel in Placid, when a Guristas Sotiyo entered its final timer after having been put into reinforced by a fleet from Initiative. However, when 101 Initiative pilots returned to finish the job, they found 169 of our Hordeling friends sitting in the system. A sprawling action ensued, typified by the use of command destroyers to rapidly manoeuvre formations of ships. In the end, Initiative. were defeated because the Sotiyo timer was paused long enough for it to repair and the timer to reset. Krypted will keep an eye on the situation going forward into next week.
Click here for a battle report.

Secondly, LAZERHAWKS and Hard Knocks Citizens managed to destroy a large Rorqual fleet belonging to InPanic, taking minimal casualties despite a rapid reaction from a Sleipner home defence fleet. They evacuated in good order before a DCU fleet arrived, leaving the wrecks of 13 Rorquals behind them.
Click here for a battle report.


Community Watch

/r/Eve has produced some gems this week, most notably the ‘skill injectors’ gif, which has gained over 3000 upvotes. Whilst it is very amusing, it does also comment upon something of a perceived problem in the community, with new players dropping real life money on injectors and jumping straight into capitals or other very large ships. This is concerning because new players often don’t really know how to fly these ships, and so lose them, and also because it detracts from a sense of accomplishment to just pay one’s way into them.


CCP Watch

CCP looked to be on course for a quiet week. However, four days ago it became apparent that they have decided to double the quantity of isotopes needed for a jump drive to function. Whilst this will have a negligible impact upon capital and supercapital deployment, there are serious concerns that it will increase drastically shipping prices for nullsec and low-sec alliances which rely on jump freighter services from Jita. If you’d like to comment, join in on this thread here.


What’s New in GOTG? 

We’re back from the war and having a new sort of fun. Look here for Krypted’s standout project.