This week in EVE #3

Heavy Fighting in the Drone Regions

At 1050 EVE on New Year’s Day 2018, a significant Fraternity fleet ambushed and destroyed 3 Solar Fleet Titans and 5 supercarriers in the system of 5C-RPA. It took minimal subcapital losses in the process.

This has not, however, seriously impacted the warfighting capability of the Drone Region Federation, as can be seen in the action on 05/01/18, when DRF and Fraternity capital forces clashed over a DRF Fortizar. Whilst initially a stalemate, DRF supercapital escalation destroyed Fraternity forces on the field, to the tune of 371bn ISK (though the attackers were not unscathed, suffering 226bn in damage).

It is interesting to note that Triumvirate, Fraternity’s allies in the battle against the DRF, did not deploy significant forces to assist their partners. This may indicate a rift forming, aided by the recent internal tumult in Triumvirate and spoiling attacks from GOTG mounted against Triumvirate.

Pandemic Legion Alleged to Increase Activity in Providence

Providence residents have reported an increase in Pandemic Legion military action in Northern Providence. Notably, members saw one fleet which consisted of 11 carriers.

This has met with ridicule from members of Pandemic Legion. They say that any real offensive would see more assets deployed by PL than 11 carriers. Provibloc higher-ups have thus far remained quiet. Judging from past example, it seems broadly correct to say that this is no change in the status quo.

However, previous PL capital actions in Providence have been short, usually in the form of massed dreadnought fleets dropping on a vulnerable target. The use of carriers in a long-term capacity in Providence may reflect an emerging change in the conflict’s dynamics.

December Monthly Economic Report Released

CCP recently released their December MER. The full details are available here. The rough summary is that The Forge and Delve continue to dominate in most metrics. However, in Delve, whilst ratting income is up, mining income is down.

This may reflect the impact the GOTG-led ‘Bee Control’ program. This is a decentralised operation designed to harass Goonswarm Excavator drones and Rorquals. However, Delve retains a significant economic advantage. It is therefore unlikely that this program is having a major political effect at this moment in time.