Mining Operations



When the time comes, the fleet for the mining operation will be posted. You will want to hop on Discord voice, join from the fleet finder, and get your barge ready to go. The Fleet MOTD will be the most important thing to read.


Foreman :

Location :

Process : (Jetcan/Single-can/Other)

Target :


Let’s break this down:

  • Foreman will the the “FC” of the mining operation.
  • Location will be where you’re mining in your barge.
  • Process is basically the policy for what you’ll do with your ore.
  • Target will be the asteroid kill order. (i.e Spodumain > Arkonor, etc)



There are many different mining styles, and it largely will depend on however much work the foreman feels like doing that day.

  • Jetcan – You will jetcan your ore/ice, once your can is full, you will rename it “Full” and it will be processed.
  • Single-can – Everybody will place their ore in the same can.
  • Station – You’re responsible for your own ore/ice.
  • Rorqual – Compress your ore in the Rorqual, and let the foreman handle it.



Generally this is whatever the corporation will need at that time. However, here are the default values.

  • Ore – Spodumain > Gneiss > Crokite > Bistot/Arkonor > Other
  • Ice – Pristine White Glaze

Make sure you’re mining what you need to be, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

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