This Week in EVE Online #1

This is a new series by Hugh Caswakk, focused on giving a debriefing of the past week in EVE Online for our members at Krypted Gaming. We believe that this will be an awesome way to keep our members informed, elevating our playerbase.

November 7th – November 14th

Community Watch

The content engine of /r/Eve has continued to churn throughout the week – the reaction to ‘krabacus’, the mining killboard, was particularly amusing. On a more sombre note, someone tried to commit suicide on EVE Stream. However, swift action from the community, CCP and assorted national emergency services prevented any the man coming to harm, and he is now in treatment. Both the community and CCP deserve praise for their quick and effective response.

CCP Watch

CCP seems to be dealing relatively well with the fallout of dismissing 57 staff, following the scaling back of their VR commitment and cuts to the Community Team. However, cuts to their Community Team have led to the closure of the Anger Games, an Imperium run tournament for newer players. This has led to significant concern among participants. Further, the future of the Alliance Tournament is in doubt due to the dismissal of CCP Manifest, who took particular interest in it.   

Art Watch

The community has created some excellent pieces of art over the week, including – but not limited to:

Focus On: FCON

FCON is bleeding. From the 6th of November, members began leaving rapidly. As of the date of publication, it is down from around 3000 members to around 700. However, their leadership has announced that they will continue to exist, and though they have evacuated all their sovereignty, they intend to re-establish themselves in Etherium Reach.

Focus On: Conflict in the Dronelands

The ongoing Dronelands campaign took on a dramatic flair three days ago, with the DRF accusing GOTG of conducting a DDOS attack on their communications just before a major Fortizar battle. GOTG has denied these allegations. The GOTG has now announced that it is withdrawing its assets and redeploying home, claiming a strategic victory in diverting resources away from the southern theatre of the Blue Donut War. The DRF maintains that this is a victory for their coalition.