Krypted Gaming

Possibly the fourth best gaming community.

Origin Story

Krypted Gaming was founded by a group of friends from high school, many years ago. We started out by hosting League of Legends tournaments as FL eSports (our original name), and decided to find a better name and branch out. We have played World of Warcraft, Dota 2, and probably any game you can imagine. Now we are primarily focused on EVE Online!

Community Culture

The idea of our community is simple: after a long day of work or school, we want to come home and be surrounded by people we enjoy being around. With a zero tolerance policy on drama and assholery, we’re a unique group working on building our own digitally connected family. We are very selective on who we bring into our community, and we’re definitely not for everybody.


  • Guide

    Become a Mage in Albion Online

    Mages are low defense casters that specialize in high damage output, or healing abilities. Most mages are glass cannons, that can completely nuke an enemy. You’re a wizard, Harry! Hello, and welcome to our Archetype series, which aims to help out players…

  • Update

    Monthly Update #7

    Wow, is it September already? Welcome to another monthly update! This past month has flown by in Krypted Gaming, and there have been a ton of changes on our community structure, day to day, and everything else under the Krypted umbrella….

  • Guide

    Become a Warrior in Albion Online

    Warriors are high defense madmen, who charge into battle and hold the front line. If you like to get in the face of the enemy, this archetype is perfect for you. So you want to be a Warrior, eh? Hello,…

  • Guide

    Hunting with Combat Probes

    What is hunting? Hunting is the practice of seeking and catching prey, before eliminating it. Now, you might ask: how is this related to the game? In theory, it is pretty much the same thing as it is in real…

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