Krypted Gaming

Possibly the fourth best gaming community.

Origin Story

Krypted Gaming was founded by a group of friends from high school, many years ago. We started out by hosting League of Legends tournaments as FL eSports (our original name), and decided to find a better name and branch out. We have played World of Warcraft, Dota 2, and probably any game you can imagine. Now we are primarily focused on EVE Online!

Community Culture

The idea of our community is simple: after a long day of work or school, we want to come home and be surrounded by people we enjoy being around. With a zero tolerance policy on drama and disrespect, we’re a unique group working on building our own digitally connected family. We are very selective on who we bring into our community, and we’re definitely not for everybody.


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    This week in EVE #3

    Heavy Fighting in the Drone Regions At 1050 EVE on New Year’s Day 2018, a significant Fraternity fleet ambushed and destroyed 3 Solar Fleet Titans and 5 supercarriers in the system of 5C-RPA. It took minimal subcapital losses in the…

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    EVE Media – Advanced Career ...

    The next interview in our Advanced Careers series is with Johann Landier. Johann is the former Editor in Chief for Eve News 24. He is a well-qualified writer and manager, rising through the ranks of EN24 relatively swiftly.  We sat…

  • Update

    Krypted Monthly Update #9

    Hi all! Welcome back to another Krypted Monthly Update! Today we’ll be chatting about some statistics from our EVE corporation, as well as the death of our Albion Online branch. We’ll also be talking about some of the budding mini-groups…

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    Krabs in the Nation and the State

    Introduction In 1829, The Edinburgh Review published an article written by the philosopher Thomas Carlyle called “Signs of the Times”. In it, he argued that the Industrial Revolution was breaking down all the normal bonds of society. The increasing capacity…

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